Baking Cupboard Organization

Baking Cupboard.fixed.1.

As most cupboards do at some point in time, my baking cupboard had become out of control. So, I unloaded all of the spices, baking ingredients, chips, nuts, and of course sprinkles. I divided them into groups, and placed them on each shelf. You see, it’s really great to have everything organized. But more important, […]

Organizing Your House


Today on Works For Me Wednesday, the theme is Organizing Tips. One of my favorite things to do is organize, I’m a perfectionist by nature, although my house is far from perfect. I decided to put together a round-up of my organizing tips that I have shared so far. The first, and I think my best, […]

Closet Organization

Boys Rm.16

I really enjoy my boys being home during the summer, but it seems like there is so much going on I never have time to get any real housework done. Last week, after the boys had gone back to school I tackled their closets. Especially my youngest son’s, it was really bad. I will have to […]

New Coupon Organizer


Well, hopefully the third time is a charm with this coupon organizer.  I started with this organizer. I quickly out grew that one, and I decided to try putting them in envelopes in a plastic box. Well, this didn’t work either, the box was too short, didn’t have a lid and the envelopes were too […]

Baseball Uniform


Don’t forget to checkout my giveaway for the new  Martha Stewart Cupcake Book. Here is a quick tip for all you Sports Moms. For many, many years, 2 of my 3 boys have been involved in sports. My middle son plays football, basketball and baseball. Now that he is on the High School teams, it’s a […]

Simplifying Computer Time

Since I am pretty new to blogging, I have been trying to figure out how to save time and get organized during my computer time. On a daily basis, I usually have at least 100 emails. Once I started blogging, I didn’t have enough time to go through them, so I ended up with 600+ […]

Linen Cabinet Organization


We don’t have any storage in our bathroom, just the cabinet in the hall outside the bathroom. Usually on a daily basis, one of the boys or my husband was asking where to find something.  So, I decided to make it as easy as possible on them and me. Here is where I started I […]