Packing List for Baseball Games


With baseball season upon us, I thought I would share how I save money by having a packing list.  It saves trips running home for forgotten items and it also saves money at the concession stand.

Here is the list I have for my player…(of course you can change it to fit whatever sport you need it for)



~Under Armour

~T-shirt and shorts (or sweats, for after the game)

~Belt, Socks and Stir-ups

~Athletic supporter, cup and sliding shorts


~Extra shoes (for after the game)

~Sweatshirt and/or jacket


~Sun Glasses

~Bat bags

~Gum and Seeds

And here is my list…


~Blankets and Sleeping Bag

~Coats and Winter gear (hats, gloves and scarfs)



~Cooler with ice, water and wash cloths (for hot weather games)

And in my Baseball Bag I pack…

~Snacks and drinks

~Notepad and pen

~Sunscreen and Bug Spray


~First Aid kit, extra contacts for player, and Ziploc bags for ice (the bags for ice are nice to have for other players as well, because coaches usually don’t bring them)

You can find other money saving tips at Money Saving Mom.


  1. Very interesting site, Hope it will always be alive!

  2. I can tell you live somewhere in the midwest or like it with the winter coats and hats AND the washcloths for warm days. Our t-ball was canceled today due to winter weather…. but soon enough we’ll be boiling.

    The other one is the water bottles. I always filled one up halfway with water, froze that then filled it the rest of the way with water on my way out the door. Cool water all game long!

  3. I kept three large totes in the van at all times. One School Supplies last minute items the kids would tell me they needed as I dropped them off mainly this seemed to be papers stapled together a folder that ripped or some tape or an extra pen or paper. We lived over an hour from school so I learned quickly what needed to be in the van.
    A first aid kit with a change of clothing for each child.Needle and thread a pair of nylons for a girl, etc.Plastic baggies.
    A snack kit so that I did not have to stop at fast food all the time. With an extra deck of cards just in case I had to wait somewhere for awhile, plus reading material.
    I also carried on craft that I was working on which I usually started in Aug. and had two completed by Dec. Just waiting in pick up drop off lines etc. ( I used my time and dollars wisely) In fact I made each child a crocheted blanket which they took with them to college just in waiting around time.

    These three bins were worth their weight in gold.

    1. Wow, that sounds awesome! Love those ideas! Thanks for sharing!

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