Downy Touch of Comfort Twitter Party with Prizes


Last Summer, I shared with you how Downy is comforting children with their Downy Touch of Comfort Program. Quilts for Kids seeks to help the millions of children who are hospitalized in the US each year by delivering them comforting, homemade quilts that they can keep with them during their stays. Check out their stories and see the impact that […]

GoDaddy #NoWebSitis

Go Daddy #NoWebSitis

This post is brought to you by GoDaddy. People always say that small businesses are a dying breed. They never become hugely successful and they often face hard times; leading to a dwindling number of small businesses. What leads to so many of these small businesses failing? They seem to have everything people want: good […]

Summer Scavenger Hunt: Week 1

Summer Scavenger Hunt

Welcome to Week #1 of the Summer Scavenger Hunt! We are keeping this very simple and fun! A great way to get your kiddos outdoors this Summer, and also give you something fun to do with them. Be sure to use #SummerHunt on your social media channels so everyone can follow along. You can also […]

Superman: Man of Steel Advanced Screening

Man of Steel :: Superman Movie

It’s no secret that superhero movies are the big thing in theaters nowadays. Following this trend is the new Superman movie: Man of Steel. This movie hopes to break Superman’s unlucky streak of movies; and judging by the trailers, this movie has a good chance of doing just that. The script was written by Christopher Nolan […]

Clorox Icktionary: $250 Giveaway


I’m sure that this has happened to you on at least one occasion: you head over to a restaurant for a nice meal, and just as you go to sit down it hits you. You get an overwhelming feeling, an absolute need to wipe down your seat and eating area. You know that the employees […]

Tools for the Female Gardener

Tools for the Female Gardener ::

I love to garden, but I often find it difficult to use the big, heavy tools that belong to my husband. I first showed you some of the Black & Decker Garden Tools when I showed you how to make a Garden Tool Bucket Cover. Now let’s take a look at some of the other […]

Jobs for Military Veterans

Walmart Veterans

Memorial Day is upon us, that day when we recognize our men and women who have served in our military forces. But these uniformed heroes deserve a bit more than one day of celebration for their work, don’t you think? Walmart does, and that’s why they’ve made a commitment to our nation’s veterans. As part […]