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Keeping your Head Clear

Mucinex Sinus Max TM

Nowadays it seems that with the constant flow of jobs, schools, and social obligations, life can get congested just like our noses. I like to think that I keep my life running smoothly most of the time. So when Mucinex® approached me about sharing my tips for a decongested life, I gladly accepted. You see, […]

Affordable Activewear for Busy Moms


There aren’t very many people that I come across that tell me they really love their job, that they are passionate about what they do day in and day out. I’m one of those lucky people! Oh sure…there are crazy days when I want to scream, and there are days {like last Sunday} when you […]

Gluten Free Garden Lites Products

Garden Lites: Gluten Free Vegetable Souffles::

Seems like everyone I talk to lately wants to try to eat healthier, including myself, but often times that just isn’t as easy as it sounds. With work schedules, running the kids to their activities and the temptation of going out to eat, makes it even more difficult to eat healthy. With that mind, Jeff Moskowitz […]

Peter Rabbit Organics: Healthy Snacks for Kids

Peter Rabbit Organics Flavors

A common New Year’s resolution is to eat healthier, and as parents we also want our children to follow that same healthy lifestyle. It’s a simple enough goal to follow when you’re at home, but not so much when you’re on the go. Your kids can eat fine when they’re at home, but what about […]

Winter Emergency Car Kit

Winter Emergency Car Kit ::

Being prepared for an emergency is one of the most important things you can do. We don’t want to ever think about something happening, but if we are ready, it takes a lot of the stress away. Although we are having a very mild Winter here in Indiana, there have been times we had over […]

14 Cold & Flu Natural Treatments

14 Cold & Flu Natural Treatments ::

Winter is well on its way, and while it can be the best time of the year, it also has its downsides. The main one is sickness. It seems that everyone is more susceptible to falling under the weather at this time. We’re right in the thick of cold and flu season, which is never […]

Walmart’s Tax Preparation Services

Taxes at Walmart

Well it’s almost tax season again, as much as that pains people to hear, sooner or later everyone needs to complete their taxwork. Walmart understands what a pain taxes can be, so for this tax season they’ve partnered up with H&R Block, Jackson Hewitt, and Liberty Tax to bring you some affordable help with filing […]