Valentine’s Day Party for Kids

Creating memories with our family and friends is special to all of us. This Valentine’s Day Party for Kids is the perfect way to create memories and show them just how much they mean to you. It’s easy to put together, budget friendly and they will remember the party for years to come.

Put together this budget friendly Valentine's Day Party for Kids that they will remember for years. Treats, decorations, party favors and more!

This Valentine’s Day Party has lots to offer – cupcakes, treats, decorations, party favors, take home party favors, printables and more. The kids will love each and every thing that is put together for this party. One of my favorite things is adding detail and as you can see, there is a lot of detail. You can add everything to the party table, or choose your favorites and create a Valentine’s Day Party with those.

Valentine's Day Party Candy Bar

Let’s start with the base of the decorations, the bandannas are a quick way to add color to the table. You can find the bandannas in the accessory department at Walmart, and they are only $1 each.

The Valentine’s Day area at Walmart is filled with lots of fun treats and paper supplies. These fun Valentine’s themed bags, kids can take home leftover candy, or you can use it for extra decor. Kids and adults alike will dig this candy bar. My kids always loved having extra candy at the end of their Valentine’s Day parties, it’s always so much fun for them.

Grab the kids! It's time to make fun Valentine's Day Cookies! Whether you create Love Bugs or Funny Faces, you and the kids will have a great time decorating these cookies!

Whether you bake these easy Love Bug Cookies, or purchase store bought, the kids will love them. And a heart shaped box of chocolates is a must for Valentine’s Day.

Valentine Party Favor Pencils and Whistles

There is even a non-candy favors for this party. Check out these Valentine pencils and whistles, they make the perfect favors. We shared the FREE Printable for the Valentine pencils, grab them and make a fun evening putting them together with the kids.

I’m also digging this Valentine favor cup from Walmart. There were always kids in my sons’ classes that could not have the candy treats because of allergies, so we’ve always been sure to add non-candy treats in.

Valentine Party Necklaces

And will you look at these Valentine Party Necklaces? I love small details like this and aim to add them to all of our fun parties! Small details are so important when you are putting together a party. It makes people feel special and they love the extra special touches you put in. You could also use the necklaces as take home party favors.

Valentine Party Strawberry Cupcakes

Now, you know me, a party isn’t a party without cupcakes. These Valentine’s Day Cupcakes make a great addition to the party.

Strawberry Milkshake for Valentines Day Party

Last but not least, these Strawberry Cheesecake Milkshakes are amazing and something you’ll want to add to your Valentine’s Day dessert list. It’s creamy and the stawberries are simply delightful.

Valentine's Day Party Napkins

Put together this budget friendly Valentine's Day Party for Kids that they will remember for years. Treats, decorations, party favors and more!

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