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The Ultimate Halloween eBook

The Ultimate Halloween eBook is filled with simple, easy and creative ideas! There are over 20 recipes, crafts, party ideas, cupcakes, decorations and much more!

I have always loved Halloween. Growing up it was a fun time to dress up and go trick-or-treating, and the love for this fun holiday carried on when I had my own children. Year after year, I volunteered to be the classroom Mom and would create fun crafts and treats for the kids. And at home, we created fun recipes for Halloween dinner.

I bet you love Halloween as much as I do! Now, I’m not talking about the scary, gross kind of Halloween – I’m talking about the fun, kid-friendly kind of Halloween.

Grab your copy for only $4.88! 

HOMEMADE CANDY CORN -- Recipe + Video on how to make your own candy corn! It's easier than you think!

Do you spend lots of time pinning Halloween ideas… and then Halloween sneaks up on you before you can make any of them? Or you click on the recipe or decoration and need SO many supplies, or they are just too complicated?

Well, this year we put all of the best ideas in one place! Our new e-book is packed with easy Halloween treats, fun decor ideas, and quick recipes to make this Halloween the best one yet. Over 21 ideas are packed into this e-book – with lots of new ideas never seen before!

Ghosts - Goblins - Bats - and Witches Brew :: Greet your guests and trick-or-treaters will these easy to make Halloween Decorations! Create these fun Halloween DIY Decorations with only a few supplies! Grab the kids! It's time to decorate for Halloween!

Get in the spooky spirit with this ultimate book for your best Halloween yet! With this collection of over 20 ideas including Easy Halloween Cupcakes, Simple Halloween Recipes for a Family Dinner or Party, Creative Crafts to make with your Kids, Spooky Decorations, and throw the BEST Halloween Party, you can:

  • Whip up a batch of Monster Eye Cupcakes and have the kids help with decorating them
  • Create fun Spider Crafts and add them to Candy Corn Buckets for a Non Candy Halloween Treat
  • Share laughs with your little ones as you make kids’ Halloween crafts
  • Create homemade Halloween decorations to make your home spook-tacular
  • Celebrate at home with family and friends with the kid-friendly Halloween Dinner Recipes

And so much more! This is your year to be the most festive haunted house on the block, so grab this eBook and start preparing for a bewitching Halloween.


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