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Mom’s Homemade Apple Crisp

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There are many fond childhood memories that I have, and baking with my Mom is definitely top on my list. Beginning with Fall Baking all the way through the holidays, we would spend time baking up special treats to enjoy for a big family Sunday dinner or just have during the week.

This Homemade Apple Crisp is one of her recipes. Add a big scoop of vanilla ice cream and a drizzle of caramel and there is nothing better!

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DIY Dried Apple Bird Feeder

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While sitting at my desk, I enjoy the birds that come to the feeder. Unfortunately the squirrels end up eating most of the bird seed, even though we have a guard on top of the feeder. They say that if you feed the birds in the Spring and Summer, they will stick around during the Winter.

Dried apples are not only great in recipes, they are easy and fun to work with in crafts. To keep your feathered friends happy and coming back, try making this Dried Apple Bird Feeder. They are fun to put together, take only a few supplies and the kids can help too.

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25+ Apple Cupcakes, Desserts, Crafts and more

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Well here we are, at the end of Apple Week, we hope you have enjoyed it! It’s time to round up all the yummy desserts and crafts that we have shared and a few others we like. Our family loves this time of year, and with all the beautiful apple orchards in our area, there is never a shortage of apples.

Grab the kids and head the apple orchard, then give one of these 25+ Apple Recipes or Crafts a try!

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Caramel Apple Fudge: 2 ingredients

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There is a new kid in town and he is stirring up some pretty yummy desserts! Like I mentioned last week when I shared the Caramel Apple Cream Cheese Dip – caramel and apples just go together perfectly. So I’ve been on the hunt for a couple weeks for a way to make Caramel Apple Fudge.

Then last weekend while visiting Nick at college and doing a little shopping for him at Walmart, we spotted Pillsbury Caramel Apple Frosting and bingo – I knew right away it would work. Plus I have been wanting to try the 2 ingredient fudge recipe that I have seen around, for quite awhile.

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How to Make a Wooden Apple

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Making decorations for your home doesn’t need to be difficult, take up a lot of your time or money. Many times the best decorations are the ones you find right under your nose, or behind the garage. That’s where this Wooden Apple started.

While we were organizing the massive amount of old lumber we gathered when we picked up the barn doors we used to make the top of my office desk, we discovered an old telephone pole that was in the pile.

The large white pumpkin that we bought several years ago was the inspiration for this Wooden Apple and the poles are perfect to make it look really rustic.

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