Spring Clean in 30 Days Checklist: Spring Inspiration

Spring is the best time to give your house a good thorough clean. It has been closed up for the winter, dirt has gathered in places like the windows and, if you are at all like me, you haven’t felt much like cleaning during the harsh Winter months. If you are even more like me, the warm weather still isn’t enough to get you moving. Maybe you need a plan to get you motivated. Try a Spring clean in 30 days checklist.

40 Days of Spring Inspiration continues with Day 29! Each day we are inspiring you with recipes, decorating ideas, crafts, tips for your home and much more!

Keep yourself organized and get more done in less time with this Spring Cleaning Schedule from Clean Mama! Be sure to save it by pinning to your Home Board!

My Mom regularly cleaned the house in one all-day marathon event. I’ve never been good at that but breaking it down into smaller, easier-to-manage jobs is exactly the type of cleaner I am. This checklist is perfect for those of us with schedules so busy that cleaning all day isn’t even an option! I’ll be starting mine tomorrow! How about you?

Find spring clean in 30 checklist by clicking the link below…

Spring Clean in 30 Checklist

Photos via Clean Mama

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