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Snitch Cupcakes and Harry Potter Food

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We are HUGE Harry Potter fans in our home!! When the books first came out, my oldest read them for hours, in fact at one point, Doug and I had to stay up late to take our turn at reading. I remember Doug being up all night reading one of the books.

Golden Snitch Cupcakes how fun!! These were a little challenging, and didn’t come out perfect, but I still think they are really neat! AND, I can’t take total credit for these, I originally had the wings directly in a cupcake, but Doug (my husband) came up with the donut hole idea…thanks Honey!

Snitch Cupcakes

Snitch Cupcakes

If you love Harry Potter, you'll love these Snitch Cupcakes from HoosierHomemade.com!



  1. Bake and cool cupcakes.
  2. Tint the canned frosting (works best) yellow, then melt in the microwave for about 20 seconds.
  3. Dip donut holes into the frosting and place on wax paper.
  4. Place in freezer for about 5 minutes. Take out of freezer, re-melt frosting and dip them again.
  5. Place in fridge.
  6. Melt yellow candy melts and spoon into plastic bottle or ziploc bag.
  7. Place a piece of wax paper over the picture of the snitch wings and carefully pipe on candy.
  8. Add sprinkles immediately.
  9. Place in fridge to set up.
  10. Frost cupcakes with blue to look light sky and add some white clouds.
  11. Remove donut holes and wings from fridge.
  12. Push wings into holes and then place on cupcake.
  13. Print the picture of the snitch.

Right click and save this picture then print.

A couple weeks ago, we had a Harry Potter Dinner…we all had lots of fun, but sadly, even though I had great intentions…I didn’t get any pictures of the leftover food, before we ate it all.

Here is our menu…in case you would like to duplicate it {and send me pictures, hehe}

  • Mrs. Weasley’s Beef Stew (regular beef stew recipe)
  • Hagrid Chicken Legs (baked chicken legs)
  • Bubbling Cauldron (Cheesy Chili Dip served in a bread bowl)
  • Broomstick Breadsticks (canned breadsticks with the ends cut to look like a broomstick)
  • Chocolate Frogs (melted chocolate in a candy mold)
  • Licorice Wands (red licorice dipped in melted chocolate and sprinkles)
  • ButterBeer (vanilla ice cream with butterscotch topping and club soda)
  • And of course…Bernie Botts Jelly Beans from the Booger Cupcakes

Even though I failed at taking pictures for you…my good friend, and amazing cook..Shaina, did not…behold her Harry Potter Food!!


Shaina made Butterbeer,Pumpkin Pasties, Cockroach Clusters and Licorice Wands! How fun!!

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  1. Wow! We are huge Harry Potter fans too! Love your cupcakes and all the other food choices as well!

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