Relaxation Tips for Busy Moms

There are parties, swimming, play dates, sports, camp, playing outside – and so much more! The list goes on and on – what’s a Mom to do with all the craziness of having the kids home during the Summer? These relaxation tips for busy Moms will not only help you enjoy your Summer months, but throughout the year. 

TAZO Calm Tea

Do you find yourself caught up in the rat race? Being too busy to do the things that mean the most to you? Going through your days – weeks – months – maybe even years – and then looking back and wondering where the time went and what just happened? 

I get it! I’ve been there! 

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As a young Mom, I thought I had to do it all – fancy parties, perfectly organized and clean home, and children that were involved in every activity possible. Especially during the Summer – there was nothing I wanted more than to enjoy the Summer with my boys. 

There never seemed to be enough time for doing the things I wanted to do with them, but also for myself. 

It took me many years to learn, however now I understand how important it is for Moms to relax. 

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No matter where you are in your life, whether your children are babies, in school or older, all Moms are busy. Taking the time for yourself – whether it’s 15 minutes to enjoy a cup of TAZO™️ tea or an hour having dinner with friends, you need to take the time to relax. 

Relaxing when there are so many things that need to be done can often be difficult. I get it, believe me. However it’s really important not only for yourself, but also for your family.  

To make relaxing even easier, you can now discover your Possibili-teas in the Tea Shop (and helpful quiz!) on and Discovering teas online with the tea quiz and ordering online for home delivery makes it even easier for your busy lifestyle. 

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I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase – put the oxygen mask on yourself first, and then help others. But just how do we do that? How do we learn to take care of ourselves so that we have enough energy and health to take care of those that we love the most. 

I have learned (the hard way) over the years (and reaffirmed by the tea quiz!), but honestly, it takes daily practice to remind myself that it’s important to relax and take care of myself. 

Relaxation Tips for Busy Moms

  1.  Slow Down – I know, I know – but Liz there are SO many things that need to be done. Have you ever heard of Parkinson’s Law? Essentially it is an Universal Law that means – work will expand to the time you have for it. Meaning – if you have 2 hours to clean the house, it will take you 2 hours, however if you only have 1 hour to clean the house – you guessed it, it will take you 1 hour. Think about it – how many times do you do the same task over and over, but when you are crunched for time, it goes faster. 
  2. Do Something You Love – turn the music up loud and dance in the kitchen, make yourself a tall glass of flavored iced tea like TAZO Wild Sweet Orange with orange peel, lemongrass, citrus herbs and licorice root and sit on the deck for a few minutes enjoying it. Do you love crafts or sewing? Maybe you love to bake? How long has it been since you spent some time doing them? 
  3. Meditate – we have all heard the benefits of meditating, but do you actually take the time to sit and be quiet? There are many different forms of meditation, probably a different one for every person. Some people find that sitting in a deep state of mediation for 15-20 minutes is relaxing, while others sit for just a few minutes near the water and find it rejuvenating. Whatever fits your style and the time you have is just fine. 
  4.  Take a Walk – getting out into nature can be one of the most relaxing things you can do. You don’t need to be gone for a long time (although a long walk at the park is fabulous) to begin to feel more relaxed instantly. The nice thing is, you can also listen to your favorite book or a podcast while you are walking. Some of my best ideas have come when I’m out taking a walk. 
  5. Get Help – asking for help with the house or the kids is often times difficult for Moms to do. For most of my married life (30 years) I thought I had to do everything and do it myself. It was really hard (and honestly still is) for me to ask for help. But I have found that it’s essential to have help for my own well-being. Yes I know – they don’t do it like you do – but let’s be honest, at least it’s done. The laundry is folded and put away, or the dishes are in the dishwasher, the table is cleared – you get the idea. You can even free up your time by ordering groceries online at – have you tried it yet? It’s actually genius. Simply place the order of what you need, and then head on over to Walmart and have your groceries delivered right to your vehicle. 
  6. Be Organized – having your home and life organized can free up time for you to spend on yourself. I am passionate about sharing simple recipes with you to get dinner on the table quicker and easier. I help you organize your home and life with systems in place to free up your time. And I love teaching you that it’s okay, IT’S OKAY to spend time relaxing and taking care of yourself. 

Cup of TAZO Calm Tea

Whether you take 5 minutes or an hour, I encourage you to take time to relax, and spend it on yourself. Discover the Possibili-Teas at where you will find TAZO, Lipton, Pure Leaf and Pukka teas for well-being, flavor, pick-me-up and of course relax. 

The TAZO™️ Calm Chamomile Tea has an amazing blend of chamomile, hibiscus, spearmint and rose petals. 

If you haven’t tried one of the TAZO teas yet, I encourage you to. I couldn’t be without my morning cup of TAZO Chai Tea.

Cup of Chamomile Tea

How will you be relaxing this week? 

Relaxation Tips for Busy Moms



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