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Dogs are considered a member of the family in my household. So, while we’re all dressed up for the holidays, I think they deserved to look just as good as we do! Besides, pets enjoy Christmas just as much as we do.

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This adorable DIY Pet Bow is the perfect accessory for your pet’s holiday outfit! Whether you have a cat, dog, or any other critter, none of them should be without a festive bow to celebrate the holidays along with their families. It’s fun, comfortable and will make your pet so stylish, everyone will be wanting to take selfies with them!

DIY Pet Bow Tie

My dog doesn’t seem to mind dressing up, so this year he’ll be getting a cute little bow of his own! It’ll be his first Christmas with us, so why not commemorate it with a fancy accessory he can show off to Tiki? Who knows. He might get lucky enough to get a little kiss from her under the mistletoe!

Find this DIY Pet Bow at Lia Griffith by clicking the link below…

DIY Pet Bow

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