Oscar Party with Orville Redenbacher PopUp Bowls

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Hosting an Oscar Party is like hosting and planning any other party. And with the help of Party Bluprints, it was even easier!

Decorations and Food were a must for our Oscar Party. Doug and I found lots of fun decorations at Factory Card and Party Outlet and then we headed to Walmart to grab some food and Orville Redenbacher PopUp Bowls. Have you seen the new PopUp Bowls? They are really fun, easy and the popcorn is some of the best we have had. We like the Ultimate Butter.

Now it was time to set up the Buffet for the party…

Setting up your table, Buffet or area where you are serving food is easy.

  1. First I set out several different sizes and heights of bowls and containers
  2. Then drape a large tablecloth over, this one is just a plastic rectangle
  3. Next are the decorations
  4. And some metallic paper filler, available by the wrapping paper
  5. Then I added our Popcorn Prize Box {more about this below} and a couple small containers filled with Orville PopUp Bowls that are ready to be popped
  6. Wrapping silverware in a napkin and tieing with a gold ribbon makes it easy for guest to grab their silverware
  7. Since Toy Story 3 was nominated for Best Picture, and I have LOTS of toys from when the boys were little, I added those.

For the table, I added a gold tablecloth and another red plastic tablecloth that I folded to look like a red carpet. And a few more Toy Story figures. My favorite is Mr. & Mrs. Potato Head.

Then it was time to start getting the food ready. We kept it pretty simple and followed most of the recipes on Party Bluprints, but changed them up a little to fit our taste.

The Menu

And of course, a party in our house wouldn’t be complete without Cupcakes.

Oscar Party Cupcakes

  • Red Velvet with Marshmallow Frosting and gold sprinkles
  • Toy Story 3…marble cupcakes, baked in Toy Story cupcake liners, frosted with lime green and orange Buttercream {together in a decorator bag fitted with a giant star tip} and decorated with a Toy Story pick that came with the liner
  • Black Swan…chocolate and white cupcakes, baked together, frosted with chocolate and Buttercream frosting and decorated with chocolate and white jimmies

We also had fun voting for our favorites with the Viewing Party Ballot from Party Bluprints.

I used popcorn buckets from the Dollar Tree, and filled them Orville Redenbacher PopUp Bowls, Movie Candy, and to pull in the Toy Story 3 theme, I added a paddle ball and a Pez. We all voted and the winner received the large bucket!

Are you interested in trying the PopUp Bowls? Grab a coupon for $1 off from Walmart

You can see our Whrrl including our shopping trip to Walmart for the Oscar Party and Orville PopUp Bowls. 

Disclaimer: I was compensated for this post by Collective Bias, but all opinions and experiences are my own.

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