Bounce Dryer Sheets: Uses around the house

Bounce Dryer Sheets…not just for your laundry anymore!

Did you take the Bounce quiz? Are you a sheets or bar person? Even if you are a bar person, you should also grab some sheets. Did you know you can use them around the house too?

I asked my followers on Facebook for their ideas, here are a few…

And a couple ideas from Twitter followers…

  • AKCahoon For insect repellent, alternate for moth balls, and in all our hand me down/used dresser drawers.
  • Momofthreeunder someone once showed me how it helps loosen lasagna baked into the dish.

I also recently discovered a new website that you may like…Cozi…are you familiar with it? I met the Social Media Direction, Carol at Blissdom. There are TONS of great ideas like these uses for dryer sheets

  • Use old (i.e. used) dryer sheets to help get scum off of shower doors. You get to recycle the dryer sheet & it’s easier than just scrubbing
  • Instead of throwing away the dryer sheets after I have used them in the dryer, I save them to do quick clean up around the bathroom. A quick swipe with it works great as a lint and hair catcher. It’s textured surface shines the faucets and knobs real well. Slightly wet them and they work like a charm to clean a wash basin too.
  • After every other shower my hubby and I reuse used dryer sheets to quickly wipe down all transparent, metal or mirror surfaces, while they are still wet with steam.
Friendly Reminder!! Today is the last day to enter to win Bounce for a Year!!

Disclaimer:  Sadly, I did not receive Bounce for a year. Bounce provided me with a Blissdom conference ticket and hotel room, they did not compensate me in any other way.  All opinions are all my own.


  1. Clean window screens with bounce sheets — dusts them, removes bugs and fluff from outside. Clean as a whistle!

  2. aissa bibi tengur says:

    hi,everyyear i go to uk for holiday,when i go to susupermarket i must buy 2 or 4 box of bounce,but i leave in a tropical island it alawys sunny,i use the bounce, i put it in my ward robe,in the middle of all my dress,bed sheet,my dress,its feels good when you smell it clean cloches and good smell,so all sister try it if you live in europe you are very lucky to have it in your supermarket,bye

  3. One thing I do to make dryer sheets go farther is to tear them half–I find a half sheet is plenty to soften and get rid of static in most loads, except in really dry winter weather. I tried the bounce bar, it softened fine, but didn’t seem to work as well on static as half of a regular sheet, so I’m definitely a “sheet” gal, myself!

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