New Coupon Organizer

Well, hopefully the third time is a charm with this coupon organizer.  I started with this organizer.


I quickly out grew that one, and I decided to try putting them in envelopes in a plastic box.


Well, this didn’t work either, the box was too short, didn’t have a lid and the envelopes were too flimsy.

So, I started searching for the perfect container, and found one that I hope will be better at Walmart. And it was only $1.50!


I had some large square envelopes that I found in my stash, they fit in the container perfectly.


The first two organizers I had were functioning, but not very pretty. I wanted this one to be functioning but also pretty.

I dug through the paper that I had leftover from covering the containers and in my stash.


I laid the envelope on the paper and traced around it. Then cut it out leaving about 1/4 inch extra.


Then I mitered the corners on the bottom to make a clean fold.


I glued each of the sides on


Then on the top edge, I cut the flap off, cut the corner at an angle and glued it down.


And the finished envelope



Then I printed off the categories for each envelope, glued them onto a piece of cardstock and taped them onto the envelope.


I’m excited about taking my new coupon organizer to the store with me, I think I might have a few women ask me about it. Not only am I saving money by using the coupons, but I only spent $1.50 for the container, all of the other supplies, I had on hand.


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  1. Nice coupons organizer – look so cuite and took not much place!
    + sub

  2. I just started couponing an i am using envelopes and was looking for something creative. This is a great idea.

  3. How creative! My current coupon organizer I have had for years and it is literally falling apart. Now I’m inspired to create a new one!

  4. Very nice! I like it! 😀

  5. I use a similar system, but not nearly as pretty! I have people ask me about my coupon bucket all the time. I like this one you have though because the cover is attached. My cover latches on either side, and many times I haven’t latched it right and I flipped my coupon bucket over! When you close this cover does it squish your labels?

    1. Yes, it does squish the labels a bit, but I have plenty of room, so I just kind of push the envelopes forward and lay them down a bit. Thanks for visiting! ~Liz

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