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One of the things I love most about decorating is creating and watching it evolve. It’s kind of a love-hate relationship that we have going on though. You see, when you have a vision in your head that you think is going to be great, and then it doesn’t turn out…I hate it. BUT, the thing I LOVE…I usually end up creating something even better. Even if it takes us hours longer than it should {cough,cough}!

Our Holiday Table Decor and the beginning of our Dining Room decorations began with my vision of hanging ornaments and snowflakes from the chandelier to form a Christmas Tree shape. Well, needless to say, it didn’t turn out too well and I simply hated it. So, after a couple hours of stringing ornaments and strategically hanging them into what I thought was going to look like a tree…they were cut down. But, what we ended up with…is stunning {in my opinion}

We usually keep most of the snowmen in the Dining Room. We decorate the Snowman Tree and the Hoosier Cabinet with lots of snowmen from my collection. So, I knew I wanted to keep the snow theme. Plus, then the decorations can stay up through January.

I started with a large flat basket, that usually holds books. I lined the bottom with plastic wrap so that the snow would stay in the basket {mostly} and then filled with newspaper and a few books to build it up and so that I didn’t have to add as much snow.

Next came the Aqua Mason Jars, the largest is filled with white beads, a few silver ball ornaments and a few wooden clothes pins, just for fun. Snow and a small tea light were added to the middle size and fresh cranberries and a tea light to the smallest.

Mr. & Mrs. Snowmen were some that I sewed many, many years ago for my Mother-in-law. Then some antique mittens were tied onto the front of the basket.

Now it was time to light it up…Doug and I had spotted some battery operated lights at Walmart a couple weeks ago, so off Doug went to grab the lights. We randomly placed them on top of the first layer of snow and then added more piles of snow to hide the wires.

Oh…the snow! It’s Epsom Salt, but you could use any fake snow you can find.

Some fresh evergreen that was left over from the Front Door Garland was tucked into the snow, a couple pinecones, a few snow balls that are actually candles and a snowflake.

I’m not really sure what I like more…the snow people or the mason jars.

The table is covered in an old white bedspread and a table runner made from burlap, to add a little interest.

Next it was time to move onto the chandelier…

I started with artificial garland and wired on strips of burlap, to match the table runner. A few very large pinecones and a little fresh green.

Next…time to put up the Snowman Tree!

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  1. regina fischer says:

    I love the lights in the snow. I out my snowmen,women decorations out after Christmas. I have so many that they would not get to be enjoyed as much. I leave out the tree and decorate it with snowflakes, white lights and anything to do with snowmen.
    I am definetly using some of your ideas this year. thanks

  2. Hi Liz, Your table decorations are beautiful and I love the chandelier. Have a wonderful day. Linda

  3. It all looks so festive! Thanks for epsom salt idea … it just went on my shopping list.

  4. I LOVE the look of the lights under the salt. I was considering using epsom salts for my mantel… Now it is a definitive. I would never have thought of layering it over the lights. Where did you get such a great idea?

    1. Hi Brianna, so glad you like my holiday table! I actually wanted to have the lights showing a bit, my hubby thought it would be better to hide them in the snow like if it was outside and the lights were buried in real snow. Thanks for stopping by!

  5. LOVE the chandelier! just gorgeous!
    and who doesn’t love snowmen?
    I knew a lady who collected them and every Christmas
    she set them all up and it was breathtaking

    1. Thanks so much Tiffini! I love my snowman collection. Thanks for stopping by!
      Happy Holidays!

  6. I am SUCH a sucker for faux snow and mason jars, so I am leaving feeling VERY inspired today, Liz! Thank you!!! 😀

  7. This is so beautiful.

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