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Did you hear? Witchy Poo had a little problem? She crashed her broom and ended up in the cauldron! Now our Front Porch is a mess!

Happy Friday my friends! I have a fun weekend project for you to add to the Crashing Witch!

When I was working on the Potion Bottle post last week, I was looking at the Halloween Mantel from last year and was reminded about the Witches Hat Tutorial. Since I never shared the instructions by themselves, I thought you might enjoy seeing it, and I have never shared the Witches Broom we made, so I added that too.

Witch Hat Supplies:

  • A Witches Hat
  • Modge Podge
  • plastic bags
  • paint brush
  • 2 clothes pins
  • netting or tulle {I used lime green color}


  1. Gather your supplies and cover your work area
  2. Stuff the hat with the bags
  3. Paint the brim with the Modge Podge
  4. And then the rest of the hat
  5. Scrunch the hat down and use the clothes pins to hold it in place
  6. Let dry completely {over night is best} And add some netting, tie a bow and use some straight pins to tack it down some

I originally found the Witch Hat Tutorial In This Small House.

Now let’s make the broom, with just a few supplies that you can probably find in your yard, the Witch Broom is a fun addition to the Halloween Porch or you could even make one to add to a Halloween Costume.

Witch Broom Supplies:

  • Large limb from the yard or woods
  • Small sticks
  • Wire to hold the sticks on
  • Twine to cover the wire


  1. Break sticks various lengths but somewhat the same size
  2. Place them around the large limb {having a buddy to help with this is much easier}
  3. Tightly wrap wire around sticks
  4. Cover the wire with twine

The Halloween Mantel never got decorated this year, mostly because I LOVE the Fall Mantel so much, but I thought you might enjoy it.

If you are looking for more Halloween ideas, be sure to check out the Halloween Party that starts today. Last year there were over 150 ideas to help you get in the “spirit.”

Grab a cup of coffee and meet us in the Coffee Talk Community for more great ideas!

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