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Halloween Decorating: Ghoulish Potion Bottles

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Yesterday I shared my Decorated Pumpkins with you from the Halloween Decorations on the Hoosier cabinet. Today we are going to chat about the Ghoulish Potion Bottles. Now, if you have been around here awhile, you may remember the Potion Bottles from the Halloween Decorating a couple years ago and again last year for the Halloween Party on a Budget.

Although I used the exact same bottles with labels, this year they got a little upgrade in their contents. From the skeleton bones to the bloody eye balls…each bottle is spooky, creepy and pretty gross!

First let’s chat about the labels, where to find them and how to apply them…

Potion Bottle Labels

Apply Labels

  • Save and print out labels
  • Apply Mod Podge {original} to the back of the label, place on jar and cover with more Mod Podge

Ghoulish Potion Bottle Contents

  • Spaghetti – cooked
  • Cauliflower – cut
  • Chow Mein Noodles
  • Dark Sweet Cherries – canned, drained and rinsed
  • Plastic skeleton parts – from the Dollar Store
  • Plastic spider rings and vampire fangs
  • Food coloring

Ghoulish Potion Bottle Instructions

  • For each of the bottles, add the contents then add food coloring to a measuring cup with water, add to the bottle
  • For the Chow Mein Noodles and Spaghetti, be sure to leave room for swelling
  • The tall bottle in the back has cauliflower and plastic vampire fangs, you can’t see very well, but we painted them tan so they looked more real, they started out purple and green
  • The spaghetti also has a few spider rings that I simply pushed down into the noodles
  • Note: the contents do start spoiling, so if you are using these for a party decoration be sure to make them only a couple days ahead. If you are using them for decoration for your home, you may want to pick and choose what contents to add.

Mr. Bones found a home in a cauldron, next to the Potion Bottles.

On the next shelf, a couple of Dollar Store plastic rats, a candle holder with a pumpkin for a little pop of color and a vase filled with skulls, bones and spider webs.

The crow and skull are hanging out next to a few more pumpkins.

A white pumpkin with black netting and a spider add creepiness to the decorations.

The Witches Hat that I made last year found a new home.

And topping it all off are the Decorated Pumpkins.

Have you started your Halloween Decorating yet?

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