Great Value at Walmart have a New Look

Have you noticed the new look at your local Walmart? The Great Value brand has a special new look and frankly I think it has made a world of difference.

Great Value Packaging at Walmart

The old packaging was white with blue lettering and had a small photo of the product. The new look is drastically different with a brighter label and the photo is much larger and much easier to see.

The quality of the food has always been good, we have tried many different items, and actually purchase almost only Great Value products. But now it’s nice to see that the packaging is matching the quality of the products.

Great Value Packaging at Walmart

(photo credit: Mommy Brain Reports)

You can see by this photo of Hot Dog Chili, there a large difference. The great thing is that even though the packaging is much better, the price is still the same.

Some of the packaging has also been reduced, we have noticed that the size, but not the contents of the cheese have been reduced. So that means that Walmart is also helping the environment with less plastic going into land fills.

Great Value Packaging at Walmart

(photo credit: Mommy Brain Reports)

Not only do the canned goods have a new look, the cookies do as well. After showing my oldest son these photos, and asking his opinion, he said he would definitely purchase the Great Value brands now. He said “before I was a little scared because the contents didn’t look like they would taste good, but now, I would totally buy those cookies, they look delicious,” this coming from my store bought cookie loving son!

Great Value New Packaging at Walmart

(photo credit: Frugal Upstate)

Here is another great example of the canned potatoes. These potatoes, like the other new labels look appealing. I also like the photo of the farm, telling you the contents are farm raised. Which is always important.

Have you noticed the new labels? Let us know what you think!

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  1. So happy that you like the new look of the products. I was the head of imaging for this redesign. From what your saying and the reaction we all succeed in making the GV brand much more appealing and appetizing looking! Yes is good food.

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