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Easy Kid’s Birthday Party Ideas

Do you happen to have a birthday to celebrate soon? Short on time? Well today I have the answers for you. These easy Kid’s Birthday Party Ideas can be put together in under 30 minutes, budget friendly and are sure to bring a smile to the birthday child’s face. I’m super excited to share these birthday party ideas with you on behalf of Reddi-wip®

Put together this Easy Kid's Birthday Party in under 30 minutes! No Bake Treats, Marshmallows and Cookies with Sprinkles, Ice Cream, and lots of lots of Sprinkles! Learn how easy it is AND budget friendly! Be sure to pin to your Birthday Party Board to save it!

Over the years I have hosted many, many birthday parties, and I have done them all – from a simple cake and ice cream – to the big party with everything matching from the take home treats to the cake. And I have to be honest, while I absolutely love hosting a party, it can be exhausting and really expensive too.

So today, I have this easy birthday party to share with you. You can put all the dessert together in under 30 minutes and it doesn’t cost a fortune. I bet if I asked my boys about the memories they have of the birthday parties, the ones that stand out the most are the ones that we had cake, ice cream and a few friends over to watch movies and spend the night.

Easy Kid's Birthday Party Ideas

We set up the birthday party dessert bar on our Hoosier cabinet, it’s the perfect place to serve from. You could also use a card table, dining room table or even the counter.

The theme was sprinkles, lots and lots of sprinkles. To keep the cost down, I used mostly what I already had – have you seen my sprinkles cabinet? yikes! But it’s okay, if you don’t have lots of sprinkles, they aren’t expensive and can be found most any store. More on the sprinkles later though.

Put together this Easy Kid's Birthday Party in under 30 minutes! No Bake Treats, Marshmallows and Cookies with Sprinkles, Ice Cream, and lots of lots of Sprinkles! Learn how easy it is AND budget friendly! Be sure to pin to your Birthday Party Board to save it!

For the main dessert, we served small mason jars filled with Angel Food Cake from the bakery at Walmart, topped with Homemade Strawberry Glaze (only 3 ingredients) and Reddi-wip. The mason jars are 4 ounces each, and the perfect size for dessert, especially for the kiddos. Then sprinkles in bowls for topping the dessert and the ice cream.

You could also serve a smash cake for the birthday child. The Walmart bakery is currently offering a free Smash Cake with any bakery purchase of $14.98 or more.

Easy Kid's Birthday Party Ideas

Reddi-wip products are a delicious, creamy alternative to other oil-based toppings. Real dairy cream is the #1 ingredient, so feed your family the best and choose Reddi-wip.  And honestly my friends, who doesn’t love Reddi-wip? Raise your hand if you have ever skipped the dessert and enjoyed it straight from the can! I will confess – I have!

Save $1 on any TWO (2) Reddi-wip whipped topping products 6.5oz or larger with purchase of fresh berries – grab the coupon

Easy Kid's Birthday Party Ideas

Next up are the marshmallows –

Marshmallows with Sprinkles

  • Marshmallows – I used regular size
  • Sprinkles – any type will work, I used nonpareils in 6 different colors
  • White Chocolate Almond Bark – available in the baking aisle
  • Cookie Sheet lined with parchment paper or wax paper


  1. Place 2 squares of Almond Bark in microwave safe bowl and heat for 1 minute, stir chocolate and continue heating in 30 second intervals until the chocolate is almost melted, then stir until completely smooth
  2. Working over a paper plate, dip each marshmallow into the chocolate, cover about 1/4 of the marshmallow (it doesn’t have to be exact) then shake off excess chocolate as much as possible
  3. Then immediately pour sprinkles over the chocolate on the sides and bottom – work low and close to the plate so the sprinkles don’t fly everywhere
  4. Place marshmallow on lined cookie sheet to dry about 5 minutes
  5. To display, set marshmallows on a small cake stand or plate

Easy Kid's Birthday Party Ideas

Next up are the cookies with sprinkles. I used the exact method as I did for the marshmallows. The nice thing was there was only one mess since they were the same. The cookies are vanilla wafers but you could also use sugar cookies, Oreos, or just about any kind. What is the birthday child’s favorite?

Easy Kid's Birthday Party Ideas

For the Ice Cream, we used a small cookie dough scoop and added the Ice Cream to the small mason jars, then popped them back into the freezer until it was time to serve. Topped with Reddi-wip and of course more sprinkles!

Easy Kid's Birthday Party Ideas

And last we filled jars, that we already had, with candy. Dum Dum suckers, gum balls, Jolly Ranchers and sixlets. After Easter is a great time to grab candy on sale.

To drink, we mixed up a pitcher of Kool-Aid. The plates, napkins, spoons, forks and glasses are all from Walmart.

Easy Kid's Birthday Party Ideas

It’s really that easy my friends! This Kid’s Birthday Party is sure to build memories for the whole family.

Put together this Easy Kid's Birthday Party in under 30 minutes! No Bake Treats, Marshmallows and Cookies with Sprinkles, Ice Cream, and lots of lots of Sprinkles! Learn how easy it is AND budget friendly! Be sure to pin to your Birthday Party Board to save it!

Create the look

  • Decorations – learn how to make the Balloon Birthday Wreath
  • Decorations – Paper Lanterns – found in the party section at Walmart
  • Serving – Plates, Napkins, Spoons, Forks, Glasses – all found at Walmart
  • Dessert – Angel Food Cake with Homemade Strawberry Glaze topped with Reddi-wip
  • Ice Cream – topped with Reddi-wip and sprinkles
  • Mason Jars – 4 ounce
  • Candy – glass jars I had filled with Dum Dum suckers, gum balls, Jolly Ranchers and Sixlets
  • Marshmallows and Cookies – Sprinkles and Almond Bark
  • Drinks – Kool-Aid, lemonade or whatever you like

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    1. Thanks so much Angie! I had such a fun time making them!

  1. I always need more kids party ideas!! Love the bright colors!! Also, my 3 year old is mildly obsessed with Reddi Whip!

  2. Terry DuMoulin says:

    Angel food cake and ice cream ! YUM !!!

  3. Love the sprinkles. Quick, easy and fun! Who wouldn’t love that for a birthday. My favorite treat is white cake with ice cream, chocolate sauce and lots of Ready Whip.

  4. Lynda Davis says:

    looking for ideas all the time for showers and birthday parties….these are great and so easy

  5. Marcia Douglas says:

    You are a genius! Simple, not too expensive, not too much time involved = a wonderful party for a special person! Thank you.

  6. Thank you so much for these ideas! I love planning parties for my kiddos; however, baking is usually my least favorite part. I love how simple this is, yet it still looks beautiful (and delicious!).

    1. Thanks Beckie! I love to bake, but often life gets in the way and it’s nice to have easy ideas that look great.

  7. This looks like a fun birthday party theme! My 10 year old son would love it! The colors are so festive!

    1. Thanks so much Melissa! I bet your little guy would love it!

  8. Such great simple ideas. This will be a huge hit w my 10yo!!!

    1. So excited you like the birthday party ideas Lisa! Thanks for stopping by!

  9. I love how melted chocolate and sprinkles can make things special.

    1. I agree Laura! The easiest ideas sometimes have the largest impact. Thanks for stopping by!

    1. Thanks so much Leigh Anne! I agree, you don’t have to be a kid to enjoy a birthday party like this!

  10. Definitely cake! It’s the star of the show, whether it’s a professionally decorated masterpiece or a homemade favorite.

  11. Billie w. says:

    I think my original comment on the giveaway glitches or something. But I love serving icecream at birthday parties. This year our son will be 6 so I’m sure he will have lots of ideas for his birthday, hue marshmallows will be fun to make with him for it! I will pin it for later, thanks!

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