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Easter Cupcakes Round-Up

Happy Saturday! As you all busily prepare for Easter, I thought I would share one last post for you with Easter Cupcakes. I have had lots of fun creating them this season, and hope you have enjoyed them.

Easter Cupcakes from this year, a couple from last year and Cupcake Chronicles Newsletter.

  1. Chick Cupcakes available in Cupcake Chronicles Newsletter
  2. Lion and Lamb Cupcakes
  3. Carrot Cake Cupcakes
  4. Easter Egg Cupcakes with Easter Basket Printables
  5. Easter Bunny Cupcakes
  6. Peep Cupcakes
  7. Easter Cupcakes from Cupcake Chronicles Newsletter
  8. Easter Cupcakes with an colored egg shape baked inside from Cupcake Chronicles Newsletter

And in case you are looking for other Easter Recipes…we have lots over at Pocket Change Gourmet!

Bunny Door Decoration


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  1. I just read on facebook that cup cakes are out I hope not I am just getting really interested!!! Love your ideas thanks

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