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DIY Ornament Garland

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You can use different colors of ornaments to make this DIY Ornament Garland or keep them all the same for a big statement!

How to make an Ornament Garland

Decorating for Christmas is something I look forward to each year. And while I enjoy bringing out the decorations that I have had for a long while, I also enjoy creating new decorations.

As with all projects, there is a learning curve, and this Ornament Garland was no different. Our original plan was to make an Ornament Wreath on a coat hanger, but after discovering that the hanger wire was too heavy and simply would not bend, even with pliers, we decided to head back to the store for some wire.

We then discovered that the wire worked beautifully but was not strong enough to keep the shape of the wreath. So back to the drawing board to figure out what we could do with what was now an Ornament Garland.

Red and White Christmas Mantel

Over to the Mantel we went with the garland, and decided it would be a perfect addition as a garland. We were still struggling with the idea of making another garland to add even more color to the Christmas Mantel, but ended up deciding to go with just the single. Perhaps next year, I will add another.

Let me show you how to make an ornament garland –

Supplies to make Ornament Garland

DIY Ornament Garland Supplies

  • Ornaments – we used 2 full containers for this garland, it’s best to buy Shatterproof Ornaments
  • Wire – found in the hardware department
  • Ribbon – to tie on the ends of the garland, if desired
  • Pliers and Wire Cutters

Making Ornament Garland


  1. If the hangers on your ornaments remove easily, you should glue them on with a hot glue gun. The Ornaments that we used were very tight and would not come off.
  2. String your ornament onto the wire, alternating directions so that ornaments are on each side of the wire
  3. After you have all the ornaments strung, use the pliers to create a hook with the wire to hang the garland

Christmas Mantel

Helpful Tips:

  1. Using the same size ornaments is easiest
  2. When you string on the ornaments, don’t worry if they look all jumbled up, they will all come together when you are finished
  3. If you are making a wreath, be sure to use strong wire that will hold the shape
  4. You can also use ribbon to string the ornaments onto
  5. The ornaments are heavier than you think. Be sure to hang them using a nail or very strong Command hook.
  6. The color options for this Ornament Garland are endless – Have fun!

DIY Ornament Garland

You can see all the details and learn how we decorated the Christmas Mantel.

Ornament Garland


  1. Joanne Sonnenberg says:

    Love the idea but will try a smaller ornament, maybe red & green as my mantle isn’t as long as is more in my color scheme.

  2. Carolyn Biagi says:

    How many balls are in the container that you used? There are so many out there with different numbers of balls in them. Love the idea!

    1. Hi Carolyn, there were 41 ornaments in each container. We found them at Walmart, but any store works.
      Happy Decorating!

  3. Love, Love, Love it! So pretty and festive.

  4. Ellen Kincaid says:

    About the wire not strong enough you can buy different gauge wire that would bend and hold shape, I use the white coat hangers, not as heave gauge and the brown ones. Love what you have done, it is beautiful and love your mantle.

  5. Patricia Anderson says:

    love the idea and will be making this for my hall staircase along with some greenery . Thank you for the great craft tip!

    1. That would be beautiful on your staircase Patricia! Thanks for stopping by!

  6. Great idea. Would probably also work wired to a length of green garland. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Yes it would Gail! Thanks for stopping by!

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by Doris!

  7. Using the ornaments for a garland was a clever idea. I love the red & white theme for your Christmas mantle.

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by Jill! We are thrilled you like the ornament garland and Mantel!

  8. Hi! I love the idea! About how long is the garland with two boxes of ornaments? I am making it to put on my banister and I am trying to decide how many ornaments to put on. Thanks!!

    1. Hi Bonnie, thanks, so glad you like it! The garland is about 4 feet long, using 2 containers of ornaments.

    2. I want to do something different for my bannister! Let me know how it turns out! Good Luck. This mantle is so very pretty!

  9. Do you know what gauge wire you used? The garland is beautiful!

      1. Thank you, Liz! I appreciate your help. 🙂

  10. This is lovely. I like to put all the Christmas decorations out and enjoy them so much. I am in the process of making the hanger wreath. Maybe I’ll switch directions to a garland (back to the Dollar Store) after this. I’d love it if you linked this to Saturday Dishes. We are featuring Christmas and this says “Christmas” to me.


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