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By February 24, 2010December 20th, 2016Decorating

Shopping my house is one of the many things I enjoy doing to help make my house a home. It not only is fun to be creative, but it’s also a very frugal way to decorate and change the look of your home. After decorating with some new found antiques, I decided to change my Hoosier cabinet.

While enjoying some of the decorating posts lately, I was inspired by the monochromatic look. It not only makes a statement when you use all one color, it also takes away the guess work, no more wondering if colors match.

After taking down my Snowmen last week, I “shopped” my home for anything white. My Hoosier cabinet is in my Dining Room, so using mostly dishes worked well. I did add 2 of my antique watering cans to the top, mostly because I just love them, but I also needed some height and they are always a good fit.

Some of the pieces that I found had some flowers or design on one side, so I simply turned them around to hide the design. The round item to the left is an ostrich egg, thinking outside the box here, I liked the shape, size and of course it was white.

On this shelf, I added a dish and 2 small plates that I bought awhile back at Goodwill for .25 cents each.

Here I started with a tea pot, a couple coffee cups and I created a unique look by simply turning a square dish upside down and then placing the other one on top.

On this shelf, I put another tea pot from my collection, a carafe and an antique metal container with a lid.

My new Facebook page is done! I’d love for you to “fan” me!

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