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Chocolate Valentine Cupcakes: Cupcake Corner

Welcome to Cupcake Corner! My little corner of the cupcake world!

Wow! I can hardly believe it’s been a whole month since I’ve shared a Cupcake Corner edition. I apologize, I didn’t even realize, the time goes so fast!  All week long we have been enjoy CHOCOLATE! And today is no different, except we are enjoying Chocolate Valentine Cupcakes!

What could be better…Chocolate Cupcakes for your Valentine!

First up are the Valentine Cupcakes that I shared yesterday in the Cupcake Chronicles Newsletter. A Hostess Cupcake Copycat with Marshmallow Filling, Chocolate Ganache and sweet sayings written on them.

Here are a few I created last year…

Roses made with Candy Clay from Cupcake Chronicles Newsletter

I think these Chocolate Cupcakes with Flaming Strawberries are amazing! Sprinkle Bakes shared them on her blog, if you’ve never been there, you are in for a treat!!

Well, these aren’t ALL chocolate…but I just couldn’t pass up these adorable cupcake toppers! The Gypsy Factory sells them on Etsy, they are printable and only $3.95…how cute!!

These Flourless Chocolate Cupcakes look delicious and easy too! Pennies on a Platter shared them.

As always…if you were featured on Cupcake Corner, shoot me an email and I’ll send you the featured button.

Are you baking sweets for your sweetie? Maybe some Chocolate Valentine Cupcakes? Feel free to share a link with us!

Happy Valentine’s Day!!


  1. Elena Hughes says:


    Am I just not seeing the recipe for the hostess cupcake? I am dieing to make these for a Halfway Home party for a few military wives this weekend and would love to make these!


  2. Ok, I made these with the cake recipe on the back of the HErsheys cocoa, (my husband has bad insides and he was afraid the coffee would upset his stomach). The marshmallow filling was so good! I did not have cupcake liners so after I while I just doubled the marshmallow mix and made it like a frosting and that worked out good. Thanks, this one is a keeper!

  3. Marcie McMurray says:

    I really love the roses. They look really elegant, but not too over done.

  4. Thanks Liz, I will make them with the coffee! Thanks for replying back and letting me know!

  5. Thanks for posting these! Iam going to make these for my husband for Valentines Day,he likes the store bought ones so I know he’ll love the homemade version. Also this way, I can still get my chocolate fix! I had a couple of questions on baking these. We don’t drink coffee and I was wondering if I could switch that with something. Can you even taste the coffee? Thanks for everything! Sunnie.

    1. Hi Sunnie, I don’t drink coffee either, in fact I hate it. But loved these cupcakes. You really can’t even taste the coffee.
      Happy Baking!

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