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Breast Cancer Awareness Cupcakes & Hanes Giveaway


Breast Cancer touches lives everyday, every minute…finding a cure is vital.

Susan G. Komen for the Cure has played a major role in the fight against Breast Cancer. To see all the great work they do or for more information, please visit their website, they have a wealth of information!

During my recent visit to New York City for The Family Dish, I was sitting next to Liz, one of awesome gals at Weber Shandwick, and she mentioned how Hanes has joined the fight against Breast Cancer and donated $500,000. They have a fun new feature, where you can design and buy your own T-shirt and they will donate 10% of the proceeds to Komen for the Cure!!

Right away, I told her that I would love to create some Breast Cancer Awareness Cupcakes to share with you all! And she graciously offered some Hane’s goodies for a Giveaway!

First…let’s talk Cupcakes…PINK Cupcakes!!

For these very special Breast Cancer Awareness Cupcakes, I started with a strawberry cake mix, baked in cute pink polka-dot liners and frosted with Buttercream Frosting.

On top, I added some pink cookie wafer, pink sugar, pink non-pareils and some fun marshmallows.

It seems like Mini is ALL the rage now in Cupcakes…and even fun Cupcake Skewers! I just couldn’t help myself, and created these for you!!


To create the Mini-Cupcakes, I took a regular size cupcake, after it cooled and used a round cookie cutter, the inside part of a round cutter that has the removeable cutter for doughnuts. You could also bake mini cupcakes and remove the wrapper, or bake them without a liner.

Remember the Chocolate Covered Strawberry S’Mores with strawberry marshmallows? I used some of those marshmallows, dipped them in Wilton white candy melts and then added non-pareils on some and pink sugar on others.

Taking a lollipop stick, I just skewered the marshmallows and mini cupcakes. Then with a decorator bag filled with Buttercream frosting and fitted with a round tip, I added a little frosting and a few non-pariels.

My oldest son, who is 19, told me they look “magical!” 🙂

Join Melina and Hanes on Mission Pink! Help support Breast Cancer Awareness at HanesPink.com!!

Hanes has a Breast Cancer Awareness T-shirt, Pink socks and a Pink bra for 1 lucky winner!

Giveaway Guidelines: Please leave a seperate comment for each entry!

Giveaway ends Friday, October 22nd.at 10 p.m. CST.

Required entry:

  • Leave a comment telling us if Breast Cancer has effected your life or a life of a loved one

Extra entries:

  • Leave a comment telling us what makes you feel SPECIAL
  • Leave a comment telling us how you like spending your FREE time
  • Subscribe to Cupcake Chronicles, my Weekly Newsletter with exclusive cupcakes and how-tos (in the sidebar)

Another quick note before you enter…have you seen the Saving Second Base project? Rachel and Tricia have teamed up to bring you some amazing stories along with recipes. Take a peek!


  1. In my free time, I like to soak in the tub.

  2. My two daughters make me feel special 🙂

  3. I recently finished treatments for stage II breast cancer. Surgery, chemo, radiation, and now estrogen blockers (with several nasty side effects) for the next … gulp … 5 years. I hope I have this awful disease licked. I’m finally growing some hair back but I still feel like I look like a cancer patient, which is yucky.

    These cupcakes are so cute! I really enjoy following your blog, which I’ve been doing for some time. I love baking and I have the ability to, for the most part, bake and not eat it myself. I’m so torn about the idea of having “cupcakes in support of breast cancer awareness” because in terms of prevention of breast cancer (and other cancers) or preventing it from returning, sugar is one of the enemies. Cancer cells LOVE sugar. Sugar is food for cancer cells meaning sugar is bad for us. We want to starve cancer cells so they shrivel up and die. It’s why they inject you with a detectable sugar solution for a PET scan … the sugar with be sucked up as energy by the cancer cells making it easier for the scanning machine to find them.

    I’m not being critical. I love these little cupcakes and skewers but I feel conflicted about them being in support of breast cancer awareness. Know what I mean?

    1. Heather, I hope you are not offended. I didn’t really “mean” for the cupcakes to be in support of cancer, they were just something fun that I wanted to add to the giveaway, to maybe add a little smile to everyone’s face.
      It is NEVER my intention to upset any of my readers.

      1. Oh, Liz, of course I’m not offended. My love of the “act” of baking hasn’t ended and I love your blog. I was just expressing my conflict with the idea of something (that I think is so pinkishly cute) edible that is actually bad for people with cancer and isn’t recommended for people wanting to prevent it’s return or, I guess, from getting it in the first place.

        I’m not at all offended. Please don’t think that. Just conflicted about it, that’s all. A bit the same way there was outrage expressed about some deal between a breast cancer fund raiser and sales of KFC … another food item that isn’t recommended for the diets of those with cancer or who are trying to prevent it.

        Sorry to be a bit of a bummer. The cupcakes are really cute, though. It’s just the association with breast cancer that makes me tilt my head sideways and ponder.

  4. My grandma and mother-in-law are both survivors. So proud of them both!

  5. I’m a subscriber. I love reading the Cupcake Chronicles.

  6. I like to take pictures of flowers and just about anything that is outside, and also read in my free time.

  7. Spending time with my husband and children makes me feel special.

  8. A former co-worker of mine is a survivor of Breast Cancer. Right now a friend I graduated from High School with is fighting Breast Cancer, she is winning the fight.

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