Garden Art from Re-Purposed Shutters

This post is brought to you by Krylon. Hang around here long enough and you’ll realize one thing. It’s very difficult for me to let anything go. My sons are always questioning why I keep things, especially when they are beat up, broken down and in generally bad shape. I think it stems from years of not having the extra money available to buy new things so my tastes and style has evolved to loving old dilapidated items. Sometimes I’ll take the worse items and re-purpose them into something amazing! Garden Art from Re-Purposed Shutters.

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Garden Art Re-Purposed Shutters on

When we moved into this house several years ago we found a small room in the basement where the previous owners had left some items. It turned out to be a treasure trove, I’ve used pieces from that room in decorating almost every room in our house. An antique kid’s car, old railroad lanterns and even a postal cabinet that came from an old historic hotel in our town.

When I first ran across these shutters I immediately loved them, the hand painted floral  motif reminded me of my father so I naturally found a place in the house to use them.

As you continue to get to know me the second thing you’ll figure out is I am constantly changing, I switch my decor with every season and there have been many times that Doug has left the house to run errands and comes home to a living room that is completely different from when he left.

Re-Purposing Shutters on

So the story continues, after a year or so of having these shutters in the house, (sounds a little weird) I decided to use them as architectural pieces in our landscape…..BIG mistake. Obviously the paint they had used was not an exterior grade and it started to peel. It probably didn’t help that they were left out during this past winter, but I still had a use for them. And after explaining to Doug what my vision was I turned him loose to let him work his magic.

Let’s see how he did it…

As you probably noticed the shutters are really beat up and the paint and wood has dried out considerably. I could use a power washer to clean them up but I was concerned with how fragile the wood was so I chose to scrap the loose paint off with a 3 inch plastic scrapper so as not to gouge the wood. I wanted to keep some of the character of the old paint so I didn’t sand them down after scraping.

Old shutters have character

With the loose paint removed I knew that the wood would really soak in any paint I applied and that I needed an excellent paint that would cover in a few coats. I chose to go with Krylon’s newest product, their ColorMaster enamel paint available at Walmart. First a couple coats of primer.Then the topcoat. I used Ivy Leaf, Sun Yellow, Regal Blue, Pumpkin Orange, and Watermelon. But you can choose from nearly 100 colors and finishes, including enamels, metallics, primers and clears that features their EZ Touch 360°® Dial spray tip for precise control. The ColorMaster line utilizes their Covermax® technology for premium coverage and brilliant color in fewer coats and produces cleaner, crisper hues and a smoother finish.

Spraying away with Krylon's newest product on

After I was finished painting the shutters, which took less time than I had imagined it would since the Krylon ColorMaster paint can be recoated after only 10 minutes it was time to install them in our side yard to brighten things up a bit.

There sure is a lot of green around here

Here’s what it looked like before. Well I’m fudging a little, it actually looked a lot worse (big tall weeds and overgrown plants) but I was embarrassed to show you. But it definitely has a little too much green and could stand to be brightened up a bit.

Brightened up my space with Krylon ColorMaster Paint on

And here’s how it looks now after Doug was done. Amazing what vibrant colors, a fresh coat of paint on the fence and a new walkway and vintage wicker chairs can do. The shutters add a huge amount of color to the area and really complete the area. I almost cried when he showed it to me.

Update: The shutter are held up by a wood stake in the ground and then attached to the shutter. You can nail it on or use a heavy adhesive.

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    I would love to win, to buy spray paint for various things! I love to spray paint old picture frames and furniture! Hope I win!

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    I love the bright colors! I have so many projects just waiting for the perfect color spray paint

  5. Thelma says:

    good idea

  6. Andrea A says:

    I have a rainbow themed playroom and because it is designed to be beaten up by little children, I’m getting most of my items second hand. A bit of spray paint can go a long way! First on the list: cork boards, lamps, frames, and a few little accessories.
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  7. Jody says:

    I build wooden benches and toddler picnic tables. I love to paint them with spray paint!

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    I’m in love with spray paint! Nothing is safe!

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    I have a dresser that desperately needs some help!

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    My queen sized ornate metal bed. I want to paint it but dread doing it with a brush trying to get all the curves etc.

  11. Sharlene Piscitelli says:

    I have some planters with intricate scrolls and some Adirondack chairs in bad shape that would be great for Krylon .

  12. Amber E. says:

    I have an old table with a lot of details that needs serious help!

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    love your paint for my miniature projects

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    I have a laminate bookshelf for my sewing room that would look great ORANGE.

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    I have a homemade “critter” that my grandfather made from junk parts. It is in need of a paint job badly!! I think Krylon could really help!!

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    I would re do my bedroom furniture.

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    We have a picnic table that seriously needs painting!!

  18. Amy S says:

    I’m a spray paint fanatic, and I would love to have a Krylon gift pack! My most recent spray paint project was just a few weeks ago. I spray painted some rather worn out, hunter green, plastic adirondack chairs in lilac, and I am so pleased with the transformation that I can’t stop showing them off!

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    we have some chairs for our deck that really could use some new paint. Can’t wait to try this kind of paint.

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  20. I actually had an idea to paint a cast-off dining room chair to display a large spider plant I have! You just gave me the inspiration to get going on the project! Thanks!

  21. I love redoing outdoor furniture that I find at garage sales or flea markets. Krylon is always what I use and this would give me the chance to get some fun colors like you used on your project, as well as make some home décor for my daughter’s upcoming dorm room college colors of course)!! So much fun!!

  22. Karyn says:

    Although I work and own my own store I paint every spare moment I get with Krylon
    I love it i hand made all of the art in my store thanks to krylon because i couldnt afford new furniture
    i repainted all of and I must say everyone loves it

  23. Karyn says:

    Although I work and own my own store I paint every spare moment I get with Krylon
    I love it i hand made all of the art in my store thanks to krylon because i couldnt afford new furniture
    i repainted all of and I must say everyone loves it

  24. Michelle Bowers says:

    There are some projects on Pinterest (like dozens LOL) that I am dying to work on!

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