Winter Cupcakes: Cupcake Tuesday

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Welcome to Cupcake Tuesday! I’m so glad to have you! If you are new, you can find all my cupcake designs and recipes on the Cupcake Heaven page.

Well, it’s still snowing here, we have about a foot on the ground. And I hear there is more coming this week. We get this wonderful lake effect snow here in Northwest Indiana. If the snow comes off the lake, just right, we get dumped on.

I don’t mind it “most” of the time…at least it gives me somewhere fun to film my cupcakes.

Yes, I put my tall boots and gloves on and tromped through the snow to take these pictures for you. I just had to share…

Before I tell you about the cupcakes, I need to know something.

Should I continue doing Cupcake Tuesday?

Over the last couple of months, the number of bloggers linking up to Cupcake Tuesday has slowly been decreasing. I’m not really sure why. Are there less bloggers baking cupcakes? Was everyone busy over the holidays?

I will continue to bake and share cupcakes, I’m just not sure if I need to continue to add the linky.

Can you help? Please!

Now, let’s talk about these Winter Cupcakes! These were a little more difficult than I had anticipated, but it was my own fault. Last week, our microwave bit the dust, so to melt the chocolate I had to warm it on the stove. I’m not sure if I heated it to much, or the consistency was just different than what I’m used to, but the chocolate kept clogging the bottle tip. So then I tried a decorator bag with no tip, same thing…and the same with a tip.

I’m not trying to scare you from trying these, I think “usually” they are pretty simple, maybe it just wasn’t my day.

I also made some beautiful Meringue Snowflakes to share on Cupcake Chronicles and they cracked. I will try those again later today with fresh new Meringue Powder, and hopefully have better luck.

Snowflake Cupcakes…

Melt chocolate and place in bottle or bag. Squeeze chocolate onto wax paper in snowflake designs, quickly add Edible Glitter, sugar pearls or sprinkles.

Let dry until completely set {about 30 minutes}

Frost cupcake {I used Buttercream, tinted a light blue and piped on with a Giant Tip} sprinkle with Edible Glitter and add the Snowflake.

Snowball Cupcakes…

Frost cupcake with White Buttercream, heaping the frosting up in the center. Roll edges and then the middle in white jimmie sprinkles.

Cupcake Wrapper…

I used these cupcake wrappers as a pattern, and traced them onto white and blue cardstock paper. Cutting the upper edge with a slight curve. Then I used a hole punch to add a little design. Taped the edges together to form the wrapper and placed the cupcake in.

Snowflake Tree…

Frost the cupcake, and start with a large snowflake, and carefully add smaller sizes with a dab of frosting in between each snowflake to hold them together.

I just had to share a little more of our snow with you. Do you have snow at your house? Myra shared a recipe for Snow Cream, have you heard of it? I have never made it, considering we have two feet of snow coming tomorrow, maybe I should.

Did you see all the cute Snowman Cupcake ideas I featured on Cupcake Corner?  Fun ideas to fill your snow days!

Now it’s your turn…show off your cupcake creations! I’d appreciate a link back and be sure to check out the other cupcakes!

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