What is a Hoosier?

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For those of you who don’t know what a Hoosier is, it’s a person that lives in Indiana.  Without boring you too much, here are some facts about Indiana:

  • What is a Hoosier?

One story goes that a contractor named Sam Hoosier, on the Ohio Falls Canal in Louisville, preferred Indiana workers over any others because he believed them to be the most reliable and hardworking. The workers from Indiana became known as Hoosier’s men and proudly carried the label home.

A more amusing story is that the term was a greeting. When approaching a man’s home in those early frontier days, you shouted from afar, “Hello the cabin” to avoid being shot. The inhabitants would then shout back “Who’s yer?” (who’s there). As it got slurred together over time, the country folk came to be called Hoosiers.

  • The Indiana State flag
  • The State flower is a peony
  • And the State tree is the Tulip

And now for the more exciting “homemade” part.  I have always enjoyed homemaking, cooking, baking, sewing, crafting, etc.  I guess you could call me a Martha Stewart wanna-be.  For several years I have been searching for a way to share my passion for homemaking. I’m very excited to finally share with you some great tips and ideas that I have learned over the years.

Thus, “Hoosier Homemade” was born.

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