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Have you ever thought about Tiny House Living? These design tips will help you live comfortably in your Tiny House!

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Design Tips To Help You Love Your Tiny Home Again

Is your tiny house starting to feel a bit too tiny? You’re likely in need of some serious organization. The key to tiny living is to have a designated spot for everything you own. It’s only natural to accumulate knickknacks over time, adding clutter to an already small space. Reworking your tiny house’s design a bit is the best way to open up your home and make it feel less claustrophobic. Follow these designs tips, and you’ll love your tiny home again in no time!

Paint Your Walls A Lighter Color

If your wall is painted a dark color, you might want to repaint them. Lighter walls and furniture will brighten up your tiny home and give you the illusion of having more space. The same goes for your ceiling. You’ll be surprised by how a little paint can transform the room.

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Use Hooks

When you live in a tiny house, hooks can be your best friend. Especially in the kitchen, using hooks can be a real space saver. If you have cabinets over your sink, for example, you can use hooks to hang your mugs, pots, pans, or a basket full of utensils. Using just a few hooks can free up counter space and organize your kitchen better.

Collapsible Furniture

If you have any furniture in your tiny house that you don’t use on a daily basis, it should be collapsible. There’s nothing wrong with having a table and chairs for guests, but they shouldn’t be taking up space all of the time. You can use a small folding table and chairs that can easily be stored away. If you’re handy, a table can also fold down from the wall to save room. Speaking of the walls…

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Utilize Your Walls

When you don’t have a lot of floor space, utilizing your walls for vertical storage is crucial. If you have a bicycle, it can be hung up on hooks. Without bathroom storage, you can roll up your towels and rest them on a set of hooks placed adjacent to each other. Thin shelves are ideal for storing food or books. You can even hang a basket up for your laundry. The more you utilize your wall space, the more floor space you’ll have available to you.

Keep Clutter Below The Waist

If you can’t help having some clutter, keep it below eye level and in one area. It will give you the illusion of having more space. Additionally, you won’t always be bumping into things. Try keeping a basket in the corner for your random trinkets, or designate a chair to toss your clutter on.

Tiny House Living

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Storage Friendly Furniture

Tiny houses are more popular than ever, significantly boosting the market for storage-friendly furniture. If you find yourself in short of storage space, consider upgrading a few items. Replace your coffee table with an ottoman that you can tuck spare blankets and pillows inside. If you have both a bed and a sofa, consider combining them. Use a futon or a raised bunk bed above a small couch. If you feel like doing some construction, a Murphy bed might be your best option.

Hang Mirrors

Mirrors have always been the go-to solution for small rooms. If you have the extra wall space, hanging a large mirror can definitely help the situation. It’s also cheaper than the alternative, which would be to add a wall-length window or skylight. The natural light will not only help you save on electricity but will help to make your home feel more open.

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Add An Outdoor Space

Whether you have a tiny house on wheels or a stationary home, adding an outdoor space will help kill the claustrophobia. If you think about it, an outdoor area is just a chair that’s outside. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy. For those with a stationary tiny home, you might want to build a deck. Otherwise, you can have a few simple chairs and a fire pit outside. When you’re traveling, you can store any outdoor furniture inside your house until you find a place to park.

Tiny House Living

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Utilize Every Inch Of Your Home

There should be no inch unused in your tiny home. Hang corner shelves to utilize every nook and cranny. The space under your couch should hide containers of off-season clothes and extra pairs of shoes. If you have stairs to a loft, transform the lower negative space into bookshelves or cabinets. Even converting one area of your tiny house that’s not being utilized into storage can make a big difference.

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Build A Loft

If you have space, building a loft can provide a number of benefits. It can be used for storage or even a bedroom if you have the right kind of roof. If you have a low ceiling, try an elevated bed instead. By raising your bed three feet or so, it will leave the space beneath it available for storage as well as give it the appeal of a loft.


A lack of space is no reason to give up on your tiny house. Implementing just a few of these design tips will help to improve your home’s organization and get rid of any clutter, making it feel much bigger. Whether you decide to make small adjustments by hanging a few hooks or take on major renovations, there’s no doubt that you will fall in love with your tiny house all over again.

This is a guest post from Tiny House Society written by Rose Burke

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