Three Years of Sweetness

Sometimes in our culture it seems everyone wants something more- a bigger car, a nicer kitchen, 10 more pairs of shoes- and we forget that there are children around the world that don’t even have enough to eat. I work hard to be thankful and give back in my daily life, as I am sure most of you all do, but it is also nice when a company that I already use and enjoy gives back too! Truvia has done just that. The number of children they have helped is really amazing!

Sharing a Sweet Future

Three years ago Truvia partnered with the United Nations World Food Programme in Bolivia to help combat childhood hunger and improve communities. Bolivia is a region of critical need, with one of the highest rates of nutritional deficiencies in South America. Nearly 40 percent of the Bolivian population can’t afford adequate and nutritious food, and 65 percent of all rural households can’t even meet the recommended caloric intake per day. Truvia worked with these communities through their schools and they are now celebrating their accomplishments.

All of the men, women, and children they helped in Bolivia are celebrating with them. Rene Flores, Principal of the Pisili School of the Education Nucleus of San José del Paredón in the Municipality of Tarabuco said, 

“Before, no institution came to our area to assist us in the school infrastructure, but now through MAECH-PMA we have been able to improve the kitchen by constructing an energy-efficient stove which, on the one hand has eliminated the smoke and so the mothers do not complain anymore about this and on the second, it has reduced the quantity of firewood needed for cooking of the school meals.”

Sharing a Sweet Future

You know that old saying “give a man a fish and he will eat for a day, teach a man to fish and he will eat for a lifetime?” That is exactly what Truvia has done for these communities- helped to make them self-sufficient, by equipping them with with tools like fortified vegetable oil and energy-efficient, cleaner-burning cookstoves.

By starting these programs in schools, their efforts were able to reach not only students, but parents and community members, like farmers. The farmers are now able to sell their basic ingredients to the schools. The farmers benefit from a stable wage, the students benefit from the food, and the whole process plants the seeds for a sustainable future. You can see more of the beautiful process in this short video.

I am so happy to be able to support a brand that supports others. The “Sharing a Sweet Future” campaign is only one part of their corporate responsibility program. All around they are committed to sourcing responsibly, stewarding natural resources and working to improve communities. Click here if you would like to learn more.

Sharing a Sweet Future


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