Thank You! 30 Days to a Simplified Holiday

Are you ready to start building memories with your family AND keep it SIMPLE? 

Some of my favorite memories are not big, crazy holidays where we ran non-stop, drove to every family member that invited us, or had no time to even talk to each other. ⁠
It’s the small things – like Love Buckets on Valentine’s Day, Countdown Bags on New Year’s Eve, or a Meatloaf shaped like a Jack O’ Lantern. ⁠
THIS is why I am on a mission – why I want to help YOU build those special memories with your family as well! ⁠
BUT here’s the thing my friend – we are busy, EVERY.SINGLE.PERSON is busy – so let’s simplify these special days.

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30 Days to a Simplified Holiday begins Monday November 22, 2021 and wraps up on Tuesday, December 21, 2021 

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Homemade Holiday Inspiration