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Baking Prize Pack Giveaway worth $600

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One of the many joys of what we do is getting to know new and interesting people, places and ideas. Today we are joined by an amazing group of talented bloggers to bring you this fabulous giveaway prize pack worth $600 including a $300 Amazon Gift Card, Cuisinart Hand Blender and Blender, Cuisinart Food Processor and 5 Baking Cookbooks that I know you will love!

Be sure to visit all the sponsors of the giveaway!!!

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Amazon Giveaway

This prize package will go to one lucky reader and includes

Cuisinart Smart Power Duet Food Processor/Blender

Cuisinart Smart Stick Immersion Blender with attachments

These 5 cookbooks-

The S’Mores Cookebook by Susan Whezel

Pure Vanilla by Shana Sever

Cereal, Sweets and Treats by Jessica Segarra

Peanut Butter Comfort by Averie Sunshine

The Cookie Dough Lovers by Lindsay Landis


$300 Amazon Gift Certificate

Entering is easy, just use the Rafflecopter

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Resolve: Tackling Chocolate Stains

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Tackling tough stains like chocolate or ground in grass can be difficult! We were recently asked to put Resolve to the test and see what kind of stains we could tackle.

Resolve: Tackling Chocolate Stains :: on HoosierHomemade.com

Resolve is helping you fight stains with their Tip Exchange Website! You can share your own tips and learn from others too!

We made this short video to share our tip on Tackling Chocolate Stains!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored video for Resolve that I have been compensated for & received free product for through Burst Media.

Giveaway: CHANNELLOCK® pliers for Dad

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There are few products that are more iconic than CHANNELLOCK® pliers. If I asked you to name an iconic product what is the first thing that would come to mind? If you’re in the kitchen the first may be Crock-Pot, the second may be Kitchenaid. Now if I asked the men in your life the same question a majority of them would probably mention CHANNELLOCK®  pliers.

They have been a constant presence in my tool box since I can remember and are my tool of choice for many projects around the house. Whether it’s repairing a leaky pipe or working on a craft project for Liz.

So, just in time for Father’s Day, we have a great Giveaway for you to enter!

Channellock Pliers Giveaway on HoosierHomemade.com

They are always reliable and have never let me down. I’ve not found a job they can’t complete, how about you? What would your dad fix with a CHANNELLOCK® plier?

Channellock Pliers Giveaway on HoosierHomemade.com

Channellock Pliers Giveaway on HoosierHomemade.com

I love these pliers so much that we have partnered with them to bring you a Giveaway to start or add to your dads’ toolbox with a CHANNELLOCK® 440® Straight Jaw PlierE336 XLT Diagonal Cutting Pliers and  E326 XLT Long Nose Pliers.

Channellock Pliers Giveaway on HoosierHomemade.com

Want to win? Here’s what you need to do… Everything is covered in the Rafflecopter widget but let me explain a little more in depth.


Twitter:  Leave a Comment and Tweet an answer or photo to the following question: “What would your dad fix with a CHANNELLOCK® plier?” Use the hashtag #440FixIt


LIKE the CHANNELLOCK® Facebook page

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclosure: CHANNELLOCK® provided me with a duplicate set of pliers for my review. All opinions are my own.


Garden Art from Re-Purposed Shutters

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This post is brought to you by Krylon. Hang around here long enough and you’ll realize one thing. It’s very difficult for me to let anything go. My sons are always questioning why I keep things, especially when they are beat up, broken down and in generally bad shape. I think it stems from years of not having the extra money available to buy new things so my tastes and style has evolved to loving old dilapidated items. Sometimes I’ll take the worse items and re-purpose them into something amazing! Garden Art from Re-Purposed Shutters.

Pssst!…There’s a giveaway at the conclusion of the post

Garden Art Re-Purposed Shutters on hoosierhomemade.com

When we moved into this house several years ago we found a small room in the basement where the previous owners had left some items. It turned out to be a treasure trove, I’ve used pieces from that room in decorating almost every room in our house. An antique kid’s car, old railroad lanterns and even a postal cabinet that came from an old historic hotel in our town.

When I first ran across these shutters I immediately loved them, the hand painted floral  motif reminded me of my father so I naturally found a place in the house to use them.

As you continue to get to know me the second thing you’ll figure out is I am constantly changing, I switch my decor with every season and there have been many times that Doug has left the house to run errands and comes home to a living room that is completely different from when he left.

Re-Purposing Shutters on HoosierHomemade.com

So the story continues, after a year or so of having these shutters in the house, (sounds a little weird) I decided to use them as architectural pieces in our landscape…..BIG mistake. Obviously the paint they had used was not an exterior grade and it started to peel. It probably didn’t help that they were left out during this past winter, but I still had a use for them. And after explaining to Doug what my vision was I turned him loose to let him work his magic.

Let’s see how he did it…

As you probably noticed the shutters are really beat up and the paint and wood has dried out considerably. I could use a power washer to clean them up but I was concerned with how fragile the wood was so I chose to scrap the loose paint off with a 3 inch plastic scrapper so as not to gouge the wood. I wanted to keep some of the character of the old paint so I didn’t sand them down after scraping.

Old shutters have character

With the loose paint removed I knew that the wood would really soak in any paint I applied and that I needed an excellent paint that would cover in a few coats. I chose to go with Krylon’s newest product, their ColorMaster enamel paint available at Walmart. First a couple coats of primer.Then the topcoat. I used Ivy Leaf, Sun Yellow, Regal Blue, Pumpkin Orange, and Watermelon. But you can choose from nearly 100 colors and finishes, including enamels, metallics, primers and clears that features their EZ Touch 360°® Dial spray tip for precise control. The ColorMaster line utilizes their Covermax® technology for premium coverage and brilliant color in fewer coats and produces cleaner, crisper hues and a smoother finish.

Spraying away with Krylon's newest product on hoosierhomemade.com

After I was finished painting the shutters, which took less time than I had imagined it would since the Krylon ColorMaster paint can be recoated after only 10 minutes it was time to install them in our side yard to brighten things up a bit.

There sure is a lot of green around here

Here’s what it looked like before. Well I’m fudging a little, it actually looked a lot worse (big tall weeds and overgrown plants) but I was embarrassed to show you. But it definitely has a little too much green and could stand to be brightened up a bit.

Brightened up my space with Krylon ColorMaster Paint on hoosierhomemade.com

And here’s how it looks now after Doug was done. Amazing what vibrant colors, a fresh coat of paint on the fence and a new walkway and vintage wicker chairs can do. The shutters add a huge amount of color to the area and really complete the area. I almost cried when he showed it to me.

Update: The shutter are held up by a wood stake in the ground and then attached to the shutter. You can nail it on or use a heavy adhesive.

Giveaway Closed

The folks at Krylon are so excited for you to try their new product that they graciously are giving away the following…

Krylon ColorMaster giveaway on hoosierhomemade.com

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Krylon ColorMaster

Get it Ready, Get it Done, Get it Clean Giveaway

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Relaxing in the backyard, enjoying a picnic at the beach or even a potluck for Fourth of July! While all of those things are fun, there is always preparation that goes into those days and one of the most overlooked areas might just be your outdoor space.

Get it Ready, Get it Done, Get it Clean on HoosierHomemade.com

According to a recent Procter & Gamble (P&G) survey, only 25 percent of consumers clean their grills and only 20 percent of consumers clean their outdoor furniture.  Have you cleaned and prepared your outdoor area yet? We received Mr. Clean Outdoor Spray, Mr. Clean Outdoor Pro Magic Eraser and Bounty, all available at The Home Depot, your one-stop shop for purchasing P&G products.

We try to grill as much as we possibly can so the grill can get pretty nasty looking with the grease and soot and whatever else flies through the air and decides to land on it. Even though we try to keep it covered as much as possible.

Dirty Grill

And like a lot of other families in that there never seems to be enough inside storage for all our stuff. So there are items that inevitably get left outside for the winter, and after sitting there exposed the grit and grime can be fairly gross. And then there is the grease on the grill from all the cooking as well. So finally it was time to give the grill a good cleaning and Get it Ready Get it Done Get it Clean before summer kicks into high gear.

So I put the boys to work on cleaning up the grill and getting it ready for summer.

Cleaning the grill with Mr. Clean Outdoor Pro

The Mr. Clean Outdoor Pro made quick work out of the dirt and grime from being left outside all winter.  Then they touched up any tough areas with the Magic Eraser. It was so easy that the boys had the job completed in less than 20 minutes, and they didn’t complain one time. That may be a first for teenage boys when it comes to any cleaning  job.

Get it Ready, Get it Done, Get it Clean


You can find these Procter & Gamble products and everything you need to Get it Ready Get it Done Get it Clean at The Home Depot

Just for our readers here at Hoosier Homemade we have an outdoor cleaning pack to giveaway to one lucky reader so they can Get it Ready, Get it Done, Get it Clean.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclosure: I was provided these cleaning products to try. As always, the opinions are my own.

Pennington Smart Feed Sprayer System and $50 Giveaway

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I’m a sponsored blog partner with Pennington and participated in their Smart Feed Program

One way that we extend our growing season is by planting in raised beds, this allows the soil to warm quicker and with the addition of a plastic cover you can convert it into a mini greenhouse to get the plants an early jump in the Spring and ward off the frosts of Fall. We built this raised bed last year but found that it just wasn’t big enough for all the vegetables we wanted to grow. So after many discussions we decided to convert it into an herb garden.

Penninton Smart Feed Sprayer System; HoosierHomemade.com

After all the hard work we put into building the garden doesn’t it make sense to get the most out of it and enjoy all the benefits of fresh herbs all year long. The Pennington Smart Feed Sprayer System helps do just that, but how you are asking?

Spring is all about renewal and good intentions. At the first sign of warm weather everyone jumps at the chance to dig into their gardens. Spending time choosing all the flowers for the front of their houses and sharpening the blades on their mowers for the manicured lawn, you know the one you have pinned to your board that you wished you had. And as with all good intentions life can get in the way.

But when things are made easy and simple it’s easier to follow through on those intentions and that’s where the Pennington Smart Feed Sprayer System comes into the mix.

Pennington Smart Feed SPayer System

The Pennington Smart Feed Sprayer System delivers water-soluble fertilizer with pre-measured compressed tablets through the innovative delivery system. No mixing, no measuring and no mess!

Pennington Smart Feed Sprayer System - HoosierHomemade.com

The design of the system was well thought out, from the way you quickly reload to the clear chamber so you know when to add more tablets.

Pennington Smart Feed Sprayer System - HoosierHomemade.com

And talk about getting the job done quick, each tablet covers up to 300 square feet and takes only 10 minutes and 50 gallons of water to do it with, that’s half the time and water that other systems use.

Pennington has three separate fertilizer formulations tailored to meet the needs of all the areas of your property.

  • All-Purpose
  • Flowers & Blooms
  • Tomato & Vegetable

We actually used a combination of two of the formulations available when we planted the herb garden, the All-Purpose which works on everything from lawns to landscape beds. I used it to water in the herbs as I planted them. Next I switched to the tablets formulated for Tomato and Vegetables for everyday feeding.

Pennington Smart Feed Sprayer System - HoosierHomemade.com

You can find the Pennington Smart Feed Sprayer System at leading retailers such as The Home Depot, Lowes and Walmart.

American Express Gift Card Giveaway on HoosierHomemade.com

GIVEAWAY CLOSED –  Check the Giveaway Winners Page

GIVEAWAY GUIDELINESPLEASE read the Official Guidelines 

Entries only accepted on this page. Facebook, Twitter or email entries do not count.

Please note that if you are enjoying this post via email subscription or in a reader, you will need to visit the blog to enter.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclosure Statement
Central Garden & Pet partnered with bloggers such as me to help educate us all about their Pennington products. As part of this program, I received compensation. They did not tell me what to purchase or what to say about the use of the products. Central Garden & Pet believes that consumers and bloggers are free to form their own opinions and share them in their own words. Central Garden & Pet’s policies align with WOMMA Ethics Code, FTC guidelines and social media engagement recommendations. A winner will be chosen by random and gift card fulfillment will be handled by a third party.

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