Sheba Cat Food Review

As you may know, our cat Kali is a big part of our family. So when Sheba offered to let us try a sample of their cat food, we took it without hesitation. They sent us a two weeks’ supply of cat food that came in five flavors: chicken, chicken & liver, tuna, whitefish & tuna, and salmon. All flavors come soaked in gravy, for that moistness that cats love to chow on. The chicken varieties come in one cut able chunk, while the fish types come in bite size chunks. All of the flavors look rich, moist, and absolutely delicious; it certainly earns the premium quality.

Not only did Kali like it, she couldn’t get enough. Whenever we put the food in her bowl, she made it her sole purpose to ensure it didn’t stay there more than a few minutes. We gave her food on a regular schedule, and when it got to feeding time, she wouldn’t let us hear the end of it. She would be stalking around the house, meowing for anyone who would listen. I’ve never seen her so eager to eat and so happy once she had. Kali seemed to enjoy the salmon flavor the most, although she adored all of them.

I would recommend Sheba cat food to any cat owner who likes to pamper their pet. Our pet Kali can be a bit of a picky eater, and yet she gobbled this food up without hesitation. If you want some for your feline friend to try, you can pick up Sheba’s brand of cat food at a Walmart near you. Learn more about Sheba Cat Food!



  1. We had similar experiences to the previous post….our cat’s appetite was sky high on the first flat of 12 cans we bought sometime around September 2012. Our cat normally eats two cans per day, one in the morning and one at night and she really loved this food.

    However, in late October we bought another supply of the same food and our cat will not touch it at all. She does like variety in her food flavors and brands and we do rotate periodically, but I’ve never seen her just absolutely refuse to touch any food, let alone one that she couldn’t get enough of just two months earlier.

    We are curious if anyone else has experienced this sudden change. I know this food is “distributed” by Mars, Inc., but I cannot find out who actually manufactures it. Our cat’s experience leaves me wondering if Mars has changed manufacturers and/or implemented some other cost-saving measure which has rendered the food inedible.

    Anyone else have a similar experience with a change in the Sheba?

  2. My cat (named Cally!) loves Sheba! Every day when I get home she meows for it… LOUDLY.

    I think Chicken is her favorite, thought she likes both the cuts and pate versions of most flavors.

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