Putting Fresh Step Cat Litter to the Test

This is post is brought to you by Fresh Step. Some say that cats are the portals to our souls, others say they are their soulmates. Which ever one it is they sure have a way of  making our lives entertaining and robust. We spend our lives searching for the best companion to hopefully spend our days with, playing and having fun. I think we find that in our choice of animal friends.

Fresh Step Cat Litter with Triple Action

Cats have always been a part of my life. Whether it was the dozens of farm cats we had when I was kid or our special kitty we have now, they all are fun and deserve everything we give them. We pamper and play with them, reward them when they do the things that come naturally and sometimes unnaturally to them and shower them with praises like “good kitty” or “that’s my special kitty”.

But one area we sometimes take for granted is their basic comforts. Maybe because deep down we know they are just animals and we may not fully appreciate what they bring to our lives. One of the more in our face comforts is their litter box. Face it they are just like us, and need a comfortable place to go.  Finding the best performing cat litter can be a daunting task. With all the choices out there to choose from it can get confusing, scoopable, non clumping, scented, multiple cats, clay, dust-free, it can be the source of some mighty strong disagreements in the family. No one likes cleaning the kitty box!

So recently our cat Kali help us out with a little sniff test with Fresh Step Cat Litter. After a little cruise around the table to make sure everything was in good order we set about putting our cute little noses to work.

I think Kali’s reaction to the first one says it pretty well. Definitely won’t be using this one.

Kali turns her nose up

After a little break to get our sniffers back on track we moved on to the other samples and Kali agrees with us humans. It should make for a much nicer experience for everyone around, kitty and humans alike.

Fresh Step Triple Action Cat Litter gets put to the test. And it's a winner! :: HoosierHomemade.com

Maybe I can get the boys to do the doo-doo patrol from now on.

Fresh Step

Quick Giveaway

Enter to win a coupon for 14 pound scoopable Fresh Step Cat Litter. 5 lucky Hoosier Homemade readers. Leave a comment with your cat’s most amusing habit in the comment area below to be entered to win one.


  1. We have two cats and their most amusing habit is to have a tug of war with their food bowl every day. One puts his paw in pulls the bowl toward him and takes a bite, then the other pulls it back and they keep it up until they are full.

  2. Sheila K. says:

    I have had my formerly feral cat 14 years now, and to this day he will not eat a thing from his food bowl until I pat him on the tushie and say, “Eat, baby, eat!”

  3. My cat’s most amusing habit is to come into the bathroom when I take a shower and start meowing at me to come and play with her.

  4. Lauren E. says:

    My cats most amusing habit is getting under the covers with us. She has no problem being under blankets

  5. Cheryl Sammons says:

    I’ve tried several cat liters. The only one that works is Fresh Step Multiple Cats litter. We clean the litter in the morning and at night. I actually had a cat named Bandit who used the toilet. He did it 3 times in about a month. Never tried to train him to do it, but believe me, cats are smarter than we give them credit for.

  6. Karen Kaluzny says:

    my kitty loves to use the litter box as a quick jump in and run out when she is in one of her ‘moods’ of racing back and forth in the house.. the litter kicks up as she takes off like a speed of light… she loves the feel I guess!! ll

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