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Painting Project ~ Week 2

Well, with school and baseball, the painting project has been a little slow this week. Last week, I shared with you my middle and youngest son’s room and the redecorating we are doing with it.

Nick did a little painting of the doors



And a started painting the trim


Any helpful hints when painting the edge next to the carpeting?

School is out on Wednesday, so hopefully we can tackle more of the painting after that. My youngest son’s birthday is June 26th. and he wants to have a few friends over for a sleepover. My Mom always said, “If you want something done around the house, have a party!”

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  1. They sell these plastic things in the paint department at Home Depot & Lowes that fits between the baseboard & the carpet and yout can slid it along under as you paint. It is the only way I paint baseboard. Oh and it only costs something like a $1.

  2. Looking good. As for the carpet…

    I’d lay down a drop cloth, get the wide painter’s tape, pull the fibers of the carpet back with your hand and lay the tape half on the drop cloth, half on the carpet right up against the edge of the baseboard. You can then try to lay something on the drop cloth where you’re painting (a long 2X4?) about a foot away from the wall to try to hold the cloth and keep the carpet pulled away from the wall while it dries. (P.S. placing the painter’s tape is easier if you work with shorter pieces, no longer than 2ft, and just overlap it. You can control it better.)

    Hope it comes along smoothly!

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