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Origami String Lights – 100 Days of Homemade Holiday Inspiration

The art of Origami has been one of my favorite paper-folding crafts. Though.. I never managed to remember how to make the crane! But, no worries! These Origami String Lights are simple, easy and not as complex as the crane!

100 Days of Homemade Holiday Inspiration continues today with day 82! Each day we will be inspiring you with  recipes, decorating ideas, crafts, homemade gift ideas and much more!  

I love how beautiful these lights look with their Origami boxes. They definitely add a dash of uniqueness to Christmas lights! I think I’ll be adding some to my tree this year! With so many kinds of papers to choose from, you can fit any themed tree without these boxes looking out of place. How awesome is that?

Origami Holiday Lights

Whether you’re doing a themed tree like Star Wars –which I hope you are! — or a more traditional one filled with ornaments collected over the ages, these origami boxes are perfect for every tree! I think they’ll be added to my Christmas decor.

Find this Origami String Lights at Lia Griffith by clicking the link below…

Origami String Lights

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100 Days of Homemade Holiday Inspiration

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