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Mother’s Day is quickly approaching and everyone loves celebrating the day with their mom. Some of the simplest gifts I’ve received from my sons contain my most cherished memories. A simple handmade card with a crayon doodle, a baby shoe that is preserved for eternity in plaster are just a couple of my favorites. And yes I still have them and occasionally will get them out of my son’s memory boxes and get carried back to when they were babies. The lesson to be learned is that a gift doesn’t need to be big or extravagant. On the contrary, simple is always better like a herb growing kit from ALDI and a few tools to make gardening easier.

ALDI Herb Garden: Directions on HoosierHomemade.com

I grabbed everything I needed for this great gift for Mom at Aldi’s, there was so much to choose from. Now I could have just left the Herb Growing Kit in it’s box but I thought what a great idea it would be to give mom a growing garden. Let’s take a look at how quick and simple it was to put together.

ALDI Herb Garden: Lets get started

Lay out all the parts, the stand, pots, seed packets and compressed soil tablets.

ALDI Herb Garden: add water to the compressed soil disks

Place the soil tablets into a pan with the amount of water the directions specify.

ALDI Herb Garden: Soil expands with water

And in just a couple of minutes they will soak up the water , expanding to where they are ready to be added to the pots.

ALDI Herb Garden: plant the herb seeds

Scatter the seeds on top of the soil and press into the top. Make sure they are covered with soil.

ALDI Herb Garden: Ready for Mom

Tada, there you have it. Add the flower bulbs, gardening gloves and a couple of gardening tools for mom to the mix and you have a gift any mother would love to get.

Disclosure: I was given gift certificates to purchase the materials for this project from ALDI. All pictures, comments and experience is my own.

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