Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Even though Doug would buy me anything, he usually needs some hints. So honey…this post is for you!!

I am in desperate need of new pans. I have 1 stainless steel pan, and I love it. And if you have followed along with my Baking 101 series, you will know that I don’t own a stand mixer…nope! I just use a hand mixer, which works fine, but it’s always nice to have something a little better.

I’m always in need of new bakeware too. Seems like mine always gets brown around the edges.

After all that cooking and baking, I’d love a new patio set to relax outside. Or even some new cushions would be nice.

Have you seen these cute plates at Walmart? You can buy a whole set for Mom for under $10!! LOVE them! Be watching soon for a cute Picnic idea with these!

Candles are always a great idea too! Love these candle warmers!

And last…but not least…

The Chair

Yes, I know…nothing to do with cooking or baking. But I REALLY need a new chair. And yes, I climbed up into the display and got some strange looks…don’t try this at home children…hehe

I found all these great Mother’s Day Gift Ideas at Walmart!

What do you want for Mother’s Day?

Disclosure: This post is part of a campaign I am participating in with the Walmart Moms. Walmart has provided me with compensation  for this post. My participation is voluntary and opinions, as always are my own. 


  1. I asked for a new empty Pandora bracelet. I make glass beads, I want to fill one with handmade glass beads (Called lampwork) The bead group I belong to will all make some, we’ll exchange them with each other, thus filling a bracelet with a variety of beads.

  2. I think he should buy you the stand mixer! I love mine!

  3. I love those plates and may have to stop by my local walmart to see what they have to offer. As for what I want I already got. TOMS shoes came out with a limited edition pattern for Mothers Day 2011 and my family bought them. They are gray and say TOMS <3 Moms. Super cute and the best part is they give a pair of shoes to a child without them for every pair bought.

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