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It occurred to me one day last week while looking at the Menu Plan page, that I never told you that I was moving my Menu Planning posts. So, in case you are looking, Menu Planning including a Monthly Menu Plan as well as Weekly Plans will be over at Pocket Change Gourmet.

The August Menu Plan has some new favorites like Grilled Italian Chicken Sandwich {pictured above} and some old standbys too, like Taco Ring. I will be sharing the Weekly Menu Plan every Monday, just like I did here.

You can find all the menu plans under the Menu Planning tab at the bottom of the header and be sure to check out the New Recipe Index that Kohler’s Created! Watch for a new recipe index on Hoosier Homemade soon too!

We have a big week at our house, with school starting and the first football game. Oh, and Nick starts his dental work tomorrow to get ready for his Invisalign Braces, 4 teeth will need to be removed, I think I’ll be making lots of shakes and smoothies this week.

Don’t miss Cupcake Tuesday! I’ll be sharing some more fun Back to School Cupcakes! We also have some yummy desserts planned for you this week along with a bedroom make-over!

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