Inspiration Sunday: Amaryllis Flower

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It’s Inspiration Sunday! Have you been inspired by something or someone this week?

Today I have a tale of being committed. Last week I shared our Word of the Year…Committed. We are committed to making our lives better this year, and this Amaryllis has definitely been committed.

Years ago I used to always get an Amaryllis bulb for my birthday, the first week of November, so that the Amaryllis was blooming beautifully for Christmas. Then our financial situation was pretty tight, and even the $5 for the Amaryllis bulb was an extra expense we didn’t need to spend. I was excited this year when I had a little extra money and was able to buy a couple Amaryllis to enjoy.

You are probably thinking, but it’s the middle of January, several weeks past the holidays. Well, that’s where the word “committed” comes in. This gorgeous Amaryllis has definitely been committed to growing and blooming. The second bulb we bought grew and bloomed in no time, but this little guy has taken his time.

When he {I’m assuming it’s a male since everyone else in the house is} finally started to show some buds, I thought it would be fun to take photos each day and show you the progress.

And in 9 days…we have a gorgeous Amaryllis!!

If you are a part of my Facebook community, you may remember when our beautiful Kali was gone. She slipped out the back door without us seeing and she was gone…for 2 months!! We searched, and searched, put up flyers, went to the shelters, pretty much everything. Then on Halloween night, during Trick-or-Treat when we had about 800 kiddos wanting some candy, a gentlemen brought her home. But, I told him it wasn’t Kali. He had her in a carrier and she really didn’t look the same, her fur was different and her head was a lot larger.

But the wonderful man, was also committed and KNEW that she was our lost Kali, called again a couple nights later and we went over to his house and sure enough it WAS her. After being outside for 2 months, she had already put on extra fur for the cold weather and she was so skinny that her head looked really big.

So for today…Inspiration Sunday…two tales of being committed!

Stay tuned for Valentine’s Week…it starts tomorrow!


  1. Thank you so much for the inspiration. I too like the red amaryllis. They remind me of my dear departed MIL who had many in her garden. I bought a bulb in the after Christmas sales. I did not take the time to reconstitute the soil so my bulb has been sitting in its pot for two weeks. For the past week or so I have been busy with my father and in that time it has started to sprout and is just about to bloom. It is not in soil nor have I watered it. It sits by the window. Thank you for being committed.

  2. Your flower is lovely. Hope mine turns out that well. I received one for Christmas, and it’s just about to bloom!

  3. Awwwe, you warmed my heart. I’m tickled that you got the kitty back and the flower is beautiful. Have a wonderful day! 🙂

  4. I am so glad you got your Kali back! The flowers look beautiful and with your Kali beside them! I love seeing the day by day progression of the flower photos. A little bit of sunshine on a cold wintery day!

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