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What gives you inspiration? While sitting early Saturday morning and reading some of the blogs that I subscribe to, and being inspired once again by the fabulous Layla from The Lettered Cottage, Inspiration Sunday happen to pop into my head.

So each week {or maybe every other week} I’ll post something Inspirational. It might be a great DIY project that we want to try, something cool I saw on Pinterest or even an Inspirational Quote.

We are kicking off this week with the inspiration from Layla…Word of the Year!

Many times I see an idea or a recipe or even just a word that inspires me. But I had never really thought about choosing a Word of the Year. Much more than a resolution, a word can inspire you beyond just one part of your life.

Committed…to grow our business and inspire women to be Heroes to their Families

Committed…to helping others

Committed…to being the best we can be

Committed…to our boys and teaching them how to be independent men

Committed…to making each day count

Committed…to smiling, laughing and having fun

Committed…to working on our Home Goals

Committed…to each other to make our marriage stronger and better

Committed…to God, praying every day and following his lead

I don’t typically watch much football, except for my son’s high school team and the occasional Super Bowl Game, but last Sunday during dinner, the boys had the Denver Broncos game on when Tim Tebow lead his team to an exciting win.  He was committed to winning that game, as he has been all year. I don’t know much about football, but I do know a committed young man when I see one.

Seeing Tim drop to one knee after that game {as he always does} and give God his thanks and commitment, really inspires everyone in the country, along with myself.

Tim Tebow is committed to God.

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What inspires you?

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