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Indoor Gardening Tips: AeroGarden Indoor Garden

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If there is one thing I miss most during the winter months it would be the green of the plants in the garden. Yes, I know that everything depends on the cycle of life and that I must bear the cold and rejuvenating time of winter but I love digging into the soil and being able to grow flowers and vegetables. Even if I don’t use all of them it just takes me back to times when all I had to do was help my mom and dad in our garden as a kid.

Free indoor gardening tips for your AeroGarden Indoor Garden

I’ve tried my hand at forcing plants indoor and growing them under lights but if you have tried this yourself you know that there’s a lot of expense and time educating yourself to get the plants to grow and produce for you.

My first experience with growing plants using hydroponics was years ago and just last year I dabbled in growing my own herbs with my first Miracle-Gro® AeroGarden®. I loved the results I got but Liz didn’t like how much space it took up on the kitchen counter, so when I got a chance to give their newest and thinnest Miracle-Gro® AeroGarden® 3SL I jumped at the chance. Setting up this system is a snap! I had everything unpacked and put together ready to grow in 5 minutes.

Aerogarden Seed Pods

Being able to have fresh herb and lettuce during the winter is going to be a great way to make sure we eat healthily and what’s better than being able to cut your own when you need it.

Indoor Gardening Tips for the AeroGarden® Indoor Garden

  •  Choose the type of water you use carefully – The directions specify to use tap water or distilled water. My recommendation is not to use tap water, especially if you use a water softener, the added sodium in the water can stunt or even prevent the plants from growing. I have used bottled spring water in the past and had good results so I will be using bottled water again.
  • Fertilize regularly – Since the roots of your plants are growing in plain water there are limited nutrients available so you need to provide all the nutrient the plant needs to grow and produce the results you want. Use the Liquid Plant Food as directed.
  • Use the Grow Domes – The Grow Domes need to remain on the seed pods until the plants have germinated and there is enough growth that the plants nearly touch the domes.
  • Prune – Don’t be afraid of pruning your plants. Keeping them pruned will increase your harvest and help the smaller plants compete for space.
  • Light – The garden has its own timer preset so the light will be on for 16 hours every 24. Use it. Also, replace the bulb every 6 months to make sure you are getting the correct brightness.
Aerogarden in a box on HoosierHomemade
Here I’ve gone and assumed that since you were reading this you already have a Miracle-Gro® AeroGarden® 3SL or at least you are thinking about getting one for yourself or giving it as a gift to someone else. Well, let me fill you in on 6 reasons why you should buy one…
  1. Available in 1,880 Walmart stores
  2. Just five inches wide takes up limited counter space
  3. NASA-proven, dirt-free growing technology
  4. Scientifically proven to grow plants up to 10x faster than plants grown in soil
  5. Compact, slim and fits perfectly in any time of year
  6. Grows herbs, flowers, lettuce, peppers, veggies and more

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  1. I received the very same Aerogarden as a Christmas gift this year. I just set it up today and can’t wait to see the results. I’ll keep you posted!

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