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How to strip wallpaper

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Last week I shared our oldest son, Andrew’s bedroom. Even though we have stripped wallpaper before, we were in search of a better and easier way to get this not-so-fun job done.

After reading up on How to strip wallpaper, Doug and I created a video to show you the easiest way we found to strip the wallpaper. And the supplies you will need to get the job done.

If you are having trouble viewing the video, click here to see the written instructions.

Here are the supplies and tools we used…


  • Can I use this on vinyl wallpaper? Yes
  • How much pressure do you put on the tool that you use to make the holes in the wallpaper? Use firm pressure, only enough to penetrate the paper or vinyl

Hope that helps! Let us know if you have questions.

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  1. Have you ever stripped grasscloth ?

    1. Hi Neal, no sorry we have never tried to strip grasscloth.

  2. We are dealing with unprepared walls before applying wallpaper. Whoever gave them the idea that this was an okay step to skip should be shot. Our walls are ruined. Part of the wallpaper started coming down on its own, we figured we had to finish it and got all the sprays and helps to no avail. We are now doing the next best thing and overlaying our walls with 1/4″ drywall. We could tare down and replace all the drywall instead, but that would cost more and take longer. Good luck with your walls.

  3. Christina says:

    I have a question. Why do you need to score the wall paper? All it does is shred the wallpaper into tiny little pieces and to me seems to make the job harder.I think leaving it as whole as possible will make it easier to just strip it with big pieces instead of tiny ones.

    1. Christina, scoring the wallpaper does not shred it into little pieces, it only makes holes in the wallpaper so that the solution gets underneath and releases it from the wall. Otherwise, it won’t come off without a huge amount of scraping.

  4. Hi,
    Do you have the instructions in printable form? I have no sound on my computer.
    I really need this info. We papered the ceiling of our bathroom and it began to come off because of the moisture. I peeled as much as I could that was coming off but now we have a mess in spots where the moisture didn’t bother! It is going to be a chore to get it off! Thank you.

  5. Yes it will definitely work on vinyl wallpaper, you will need to use a little more pressure on the paper tiger to get through it. Also you may need to make another application of the softener solution to the wall after the vinyl topcoat comes off.@Jean Mowery,

  6. You know, I cannot believe how easily it seems to come off. Really, I have the worst experience with peeling off wallpapers, so this does not even seem real. Gotta give it a shot!

  7. Jean Mowery says:

    We have vinyl wallpaper,that the previous owner put up. We’ve had great difficulty removing the vinyl paper in the past.. will your technique work on vinyl, as well? Thanks!

  8. I’m bookmarking this post because I think we’ll be removing wallpaper in the near future. How much pressure do you put on the tool that you use to make the holes in the wallpaper?

  9. Wow, then I’m definitely giving it a try asap! My mouth dropped when I saw how easily it peeled off your wall.

  10. @Alexandra, I would first give our way a try. Our walls were not prepped either. Another little trick to try is taking latex paint and applying to the wallpaper to see if it will loosen the wallpaper.

  11. Have you ever experienced or have any advice for this issue: the previous owners put up some wallpaper but didn’t prep the wall first, they just glued it directly to the…plaster is what I think our walls are made of. So it is STUCK. I bought a how-to video and one of those rolly things, some “special” (aka expensive) spray for removing wallpaper but only bought everything after I started and encountered the problem of removal. Then the video said that if your walls weren’t prepped then it’s not even worth trying. Too bad it’s a little late for that! You should see my stairwell and hallway…totally screwed up.

    Your video made it look so easy! If/when I’m ever ready to tackle the (impossible?) job of removing the rest I’m doing it your way.

    1. We just removed 5 layers of wallpaper off of 13 rooms and 3 ceilings in a 100 year old house, we also have plaster walls so a wallpaper steamer ($50 at lowes) and patience was an absolute necessity! It took us 5 weeks ( 3 of us working in our “off” time) but now the walls have been repaired and painted and look gorgeous! Don’t give up.

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