How to make Caramel Dipped Apples

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Welcome to Apple Daze with another yummy recipe! Caramel Apples scream Fall to me! Next to chocolate, caramel is my favorite flavor. And when you pair it with a beautiful apple…heaven!

Almost every year the boys and I dip Caramel Apples, this year it will be a lot easier with the Caramel Apple Kit that I received from King Arthur Flour. Are you familiar with them? Oh…you MUST pay them a visit! They have wonderful baking items like these Cookie Toppers, a fun Acorn Pan for cookies or muffins and of course we can’t forget the Cupcake Essentials, all perfect for Fall baking.

Along with all the great products and recipes they have, King Arthur Flour also teaches children nationwide how to bake. Their Life Skills Bread Baking Program started in 1992 providing kids with a fun, real-world application for skills they’re already learning in school – math, science, reading, planning, problem solving, and more. And they get to use their new skill to help people in their community. How cool is that?

The Caramel Apple Kit came with these supplies…

  • 18 ounces Caramel
  • 10 bags
  • Ties
  • Wooden Sticks
  • Rainbow Jimmies

I added a little creativity to mine…

  • Candy Corn Jimmies {Orange, Yellow and White mixed}
  • Narrow Ribbon for wrapping the sticks {I actually used quilling paper and it worked out perfect}
  • And we used a CrockPot for melting the caramel – melting time will depend on the amount of caramel you have, usually 15-30 minutes on low

The caramel is the BEST I have ever had…really, I’m not just saying that. It has a buttery flavor with a hint of vanilla that is perfect. It melted great and stuck to the apples perfectly too. The only thing I did find, if you are adding the jimmies, you need to work really quickly, as the caramel sets up really fast. Although, it did stay nice and soft so I was able to sprinkle on the jimmies and push them into the caramel gently.

While you are over visiting King Arthur Flour, be sure to check out all their great recipes too! Like this Apple Pie baked in a paper bag!

Join us for more Apple Daze recipes all week long!

Disclosure: I was sent a Caramel Apple Kit from King Arthur Flour. As always, the opinions are my own.

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