How to make a Haunted House with Duck Tape

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Did you know that Duck Tape is all the rage now for crafting? You may have noticed all the really cool patterns and colors that Duck Tape comes in now and wondered what you could make with it?

We have been eyeing all the new Duck Tape recently and spied the fun Halloween patterns. We used some to decorate a very simple pumpkin, but decided it would be fun to build a Haunted House. I’m super excited with how it turned out, so let me show you how to make a Haunted House with Duck Tape

Doug and I had a blast creating the Haunted House! It did take some time, but probably because we were having so much fun, we just kept adding more and more onto the House. First, let’s gather our supplies…

Haunted House Supplies:

  • Cardboard box – did you know that Duck brand makes boxes too? They are at Walmart in the Office Supply area.
  • Duck Tape Rolls – it comes in TONS of colors and patterns
  • Duck Tape Sheets – yes, it also comes in sheets AND even Glow in the Dark sheets
  • Black spray paint
  • Mini pumpkin for the spider
  • Black pipe cleaners for the spider legs
  • Stickers, Die Cuts or any other decorations you like

The first step is to build the house. Any shape or size is fine, whatever you like. Doug cut the cardboard and taped it together with Duck Tape. If you are interested in a step by step of how to build a cardboard house, let me know, we are happy to share. After the house is built, give it a good coat of spray paint, just so the cardboard doesn’t show through.

Now it’s time to cover the house with Duck Tape, we used the sheets to make it easier. And then it was time to decorate it.

Haunted House Roof:

  • Tear off pieces of Duck Tape about 3 inches long, then fold over about 2 1/2 inches with the sticky sides together. Leave part of it exposed so you can apply it to the roof.
  • Your roof can be all one color, or a variety, whatever you like.
  • Start at the bottom edge and work your way up, sticking the shingles on randomly

Haunted House Addition:

  • The addition {or side of house} was created the same as the other side.
  • Shingles for the roof and Glow in the Dark Duck Tape for the window

Haunted House Chimney:

  • Form a square with cardboard, cut the bottom at an angle so it fits on the roof
  • Cover it with Duck Tape and tape it onto the roof
  • For the bats – stick 2 pieces of black Duck Tape together and cut out a bat
  • Tape a piece of black wire {we spray painted this one} onto the bat, tape it into the chimney
  • Attach the Witch legs to the inside of the chimney with Duck Tape
  • Add a small piece of cotton batting for the smoke

Haunted House Side:

  • To decorate the side of the house, we cut squares from the Glow in the Dark Duck Tape sheets and attached them, then added strips of black Duck Tape for the window panes
  • Under the windows, we randomly taped the die cuts. I found these in the scrapbooking area at Walmart
  • And the eyes, are stickers also

Haunted House Front:

  • For the top window, we cut a rectangle piece of Glow in the Dark Duck Tape and applied it
  • Then the Shutters were made with cardboard covered in Halloween patterned Duck Tape
  • And an eye die cut was attached
  • The Door is just purple Duck Tape with a door knob cut with Gold Duck Tape
  • Around the door we made strips of cardboard covered in black Duck Tape and then a narrow ribbon in green and black attached
  • The shutters and door frame are attached with hot glue gun

Door Wreath:

  • To make the wreath, form a small circle of wire
  • Then cut very thin strips of Duck Tape and randomly wrap them around the wire creating the look of a wreath

Spooky Fence:

  • The base is made from cardboard and covered with black Duck Tape
  • The fence is colored craft sticks available in the craft department at Walmart. It’s attached with hot glue gun.
  • Then I just added the broom, spell book, cauldron, hat, shoes and frog. I found them in the scrapbooking area at Walmart
  • The tree behind the fence are sticks from the yard, just glued on with hot glue gun


  • For the spider you will need a Mini Pumpkin, Black Duck Tape and black pipe cleaners
  • Tear pieces of the Duck tape and wrap them around the pumpkin

  1. Using a sharp pair of scissors, make a hole for the leg
  2. Gently push the pipe cleaner into the hole and bend it creating the leg

  • Cut circles from the Glow in the Dark Duck Tape for the eyes, attach them
  • Add eye stickers

And in case you are wondering…

The Glow in the Dark Duck Tape really DOES glow…pretty cool huh? You could use it on a bicycle, coat, flashlight, pretty much anything that you need to see or be seen in the dark.

Be sure to check out the Stick or Treat Contest! Grab some Duck Tape, get crafting and enter your own creation!

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