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Homemade Pizza and Slushies

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Because I have had a really crazy week, working part time with my husband, running my youngest son back and forth to basketball camp everyday, running my middle son to football 3 mornings this week and my oldest everywhere he needed to go. Oh, and of course housework, cooking and blogging including a Giveaway. I never did a big shopping trip.

I’m often torn ~ either work to make extra money and not have the time, so you end up spending more than you should ~ or not work, have the time, but no money. I really don’t know which is better.

Anyway, sorry, on to my Super Savings for today. I did want to share with you or Pizza night. We made homemade pizzas and slushies last night for dinner. We saved a great deal by making our own pizza and we had tons of fun. Nick’s girlfriend was visiting, and she had requested homemade pizza when I was making my meal plan for June.


BBQ Chicken Pizza

We started with this recipe for homemade dough from MomAdvice. It was super easy and tasted good.  We added BBQ Sauce , leftover chicken, and mozzarella cheese.



Hawaiian Pizza

We used pizza sauce, ham, pineapple and cheese on this pizza. A little while ago I had made homemade pizza sauce, that I learned about from MomAdvice and had a lot left over, so I froze it. I needed to get some lunch meat for sandwiches for the Baseball Tournament this weekend, so I bought an extra package and used that ham. The pineapple was fresh, we had fruit, crackers, cheese and applesauce muffins for lunch, so I saved half the pineapple for the pizza.



Tropical Punch Slushies with Ice Cream

Casey made these for us. He is getting really good at making slushies. Last time we added the ice cream, I thought we needed to add 2 packets of Kool-Aid, we tried that this time and they were really strong. If I remember right, the other time we made them and they weren’t very flavorful, we used the Aldi’s brand of drink mix, this time we used the “real” Kool-Aid brand, and it really made a difference.

Here’s the breakdown on our savings:

Dough: Made 2 pizzas

Yeast  .55

Flour  .25 (approx.-$1.49 for 5 lb bag)

Salt     .05 (approx)

Oil      .10  (approx)

Water  Free

BBQ Sauce  Free (bought with a coupon at Kroger a couple wks ago)

Chicken  Free (leftover from last night’s dinner)

Cheese  $2.99 (1 pkg for both pizzas)

Sauce  Free (leftover from freezer)

Ham  $1.00

Pineapple  .75

Total for Pizzas  $5.69


Ice Water  Free

Ice  .25 (ice maker broken, have to buy ice)

Sugar  .15 (2/3 cup/$1.89 for 5 lb. bag)

Kool-Aid   Free (bought with coupon on sale)

Ice Cream   .50  (3 scoops)

Total for Slushies  .90

Total for meal  $6.59  (5 of us ate and we have lots of pizza leftover for lunch)


2 Large Pizzas   $24.00  (at local Pizza joint)

4 Slushies           $13.80   ($3.45 at local Ice Cream joint)

Total Comparison Meal ~ $37.80

Savings ~  $31.21

Memories ~ Priceless

Having the girlfriend say she loves our house and we have fun meals ~ even better!

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