Fall Home Tour

By November 10, 2009December 2nd, 2016Decorating, DIY Projects, Fall Favorites

Welcome to my home! Come on in, enjoy my Fall decorations, have a cup of tea and a cupcake 🙂

Greeting you at the front door is the wreath that I made last year…

Fall Wreath.fixed

On my Mantle in the Living Room, you will find the scarecrow that I made ages ago, some pumpkins and Fall leaves…

Fall Mantle.fixed

In my Dining Room, you will find my Hoosier Cabinet…

Fall Hoosier Cabinet.fixed

On the table, I used my trifle bowl that I usually use for dessert, put some acorns in that I gathered up off the ground, a candle and some fresh ivy that I cut from our yard.

Fall Trifle Bowl.fixed.1

Fall Trifle Bowl.fixed.2

Adding some color in the corner of my Dining Room, is my Fall Tree. I love decorating this little tree for all the seasons. I also decorated it for Spring and Summer. Stay tuned for my Christmas Trees! Yes, plural, trees, I put up 7 trees at Christmas!

Fall Tree.fixed

Fall Tree.fixed.2

Thanks for visiting! I hope you come back real soon!

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