Easy and Frugal Easter Egg Tree

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I’ve mentioned several times, creating memories for my family is VERY important to me. Sometimes I think my boys think I’m crazy, but some of the simple things I have done, are some they remember the most.

Growing up, my Dad always decorated a tree outside with eggs. He took plastic eggs and carefully drilled a small hole in the end and strung them with thread. In the past I have done the same, but thankfully the companies that make the plastic eggs have caught on and they make the eggs now with the holes pre-drilled. How slick is that??

Even though I have lots of plastic eggs already, I wanted a few new ones that were decorated and of course, I needed some of the eggs with the holes already drilled.


With a little lot of help from Doug, we created a very simple, easy and frugal Easter Egg Tree.

We started by finding a large branch, it’s best if it has lots of little “arms” on it.

Then we placed it in a tall galvanized bucket we already had and filled it with stones.

Doug started the trimming. After he was about half way done, I mentioned that I thought he was cutting too much. He said…”well, I can’t put it back on now”…guess I should just leave the expert to do things the way he knows how.

He had a vision as to how the tree should look, and…he was right. I hate to admit it…but when he’s right…he’s right.

I spray painted it white, and then it was time to decorate.

I had planned on making my own decorated eggs. In fact, Doug and I spent quite awhile at Hobby Lobby, trying to figure out which way would be less expensive. I saw an idea over at Pizzazzerie {love that blog} on how to use styrofoam eggs, flowers and pins, but when we priced it out and factored in the time, it was less than half the cost to buy them already made.

The large eggs {pink, yellow and green} and the blue egg {middle picture} all came from Hobby Lobby, they were on sale for 50% off, making them $1 each. I found the other eggs at Meijer for $2 for the whole bag. They also carry them at Walmart, in the plain colors.

All in all…I think the Easter Egg Tree turned out pretty cute!

Have you started decorating for Easter?

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