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Easy 3 Step Patriotic Wreath

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Need a quick decoration for your door? I have the answer! How about this Easy 3 Step Patriotic Wreath?

With a few supplies, from any craft store, you can put this Patriotic Wreath together in a snap, let me show you how easy it is…

Step 1:

  • Add mesh netting to the wreath, attach with wire or twine. Lay the netting around the wreath, and gather every 4-5 inches and attach to the wreath. I used a grapevine wreath from my stash, but any wreath will do.

Step 2:

  • Add the ribbon, weaving it through the netting.

Step 3:

  • Add flowers with a hot glue gun. Don’t they remind you of a firework?

And there you have it…easy as 1…2…3…your Patriotic Wreath is done and ready to hang or even use as a centerpiece on your Fourth of July Table.

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  1. Very cute wreath. I like what you did with the ribbon. I’ve only see this done with just deco mesh, but I like how you mixed the two kinds of ribbon for a fun look.

  2. Your photos are so gorgeous (as always)! What program do you use to add graphics, watermarks, & type?

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