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Once upon a time, it wasn’t cool to have shoes splattered with bleach. Now though…it’s pretty cool! At least according to our 15 year old, who has been asking to bleach a pair of his shoes. Are you crazy child? I’m not going to turn a perfectly good pair of shoes bad by spraying them with bleach.

Then…I gave in…sort of. I told him that we would try it on a pair of inexpensive shoes and see how it turned out first. And, of course, our Bleached Shoes turned out pretty cool…

DIY Bleached Shoes :: Instructions on

Now, of course, I wouldn’t expect you to purchase a new pair of shoes. But that is what is so cool about this project, you can turn an old pair of shoes or perhaps a pair that has a stain on them into something pretty neat looking.

Let’s get started…

DIY Bleached Shoes :: Instructions on

Growing up, I remember my Mom using Clorox Bleach on everything. She cleaned with it, used it on clothes and sometimes even in the garden, I think she killed slugs or something with it. There are many moments in life that Clorox comes in handy, and they would like to hear about those Bleachable Moments. Tell them your dirty little moments!

We have had our share of bleachable moments, as you can imagine, raising 3 boys. But now that they are teens, except for our college baseball player, the dirty moments have diminished a bit. And since our youngest had been asking to try these Bleached Shoes, it was the perfect time to give them a try.

DIY Bleached Shoes Supplies

  • Shoes – black is best, these are from Walmart and were only $5
  • Clorox Bleach – they have several to choose from; regular, scented and even splash-less container
  • Spray bottle – found in the same aisle with the Bleach, near the brooms, only $.98 cents

DIY Bleached Shoes :: Instructions on

Begin by removing the laces from the shoes.

DIY Bleached Shoes :: Instructions on

Fill the spray bottle with Clorox Bleach.

DIY Bleached Shoes :: Instructions on

Spray the shoes, lightly in some areas and heavy in others. You can also let the bleach drip down the side of the shoe, be creative, anything goes.

DIY Bleached Shoes :: Instructions on

Then let the shoes dry for about 30 minutes, then toss them into the dryer with a damp cloth for about 10 minutes to stop the bleaching effect.

DIY Bleached Shoes :: Instructions on

Big difference and only about 5 minutes of your time, plus drying.

DIY Bleached Shoes :: Instructions on

So tell me…do you have a pair of shoes that need a little help?

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