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By October 1, 2009Decorating, Family

Decorating is one of those homemaking chores that I do, that I really enjoy. And if I can do it without spending any money or very little, even better.

On a recent trip to visit his Father, my husband brought home some of his Mom’s aprons, knowing that I love to bake and cook and that I love aprons. My Mother-In-Law passed away a couple years ago, and the family has been dividing her treasurers to enjoy and pass on to our families.

I wasn’t really sure what to do with them, but knew that I wanted to display them in our home. I first thought of putting them in a basket, but then decided that if I did that, we wouldn’t enjoy each of them.

That’s when I thought about hanging them on the wall. I laid them all out so that I didn’t hang two that were similiar in color or style together.

Apron Wall.2


I also hung some pictures of all the grandparents along with my Mom’s apron and my Mother-In-Law’s favorite apron, next to their pictures.

Grandparents Wall

Take a look around and see what you have stashed away. You might just come up with some great no cost decorations 🙂

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