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Cupcake Corner ~ Halloween Cupcakes

Welcome to another great week of Cupcake Corner! If you are new, today is the day we share our love of cupcakes!

First, in Hoosier Homemade news! The first edition of Cupcake Chronicles went out yesterday!! Yay!! I’m so excited! I shared my Candy Corn Cupcake and Cupcake Wrapper how-to! If you missed it, be sure to sign up (in the sidebar) you won’t want to miss the others. I have awesome things planned, including a FREE printable EACH month!!

And yesterday, I shared how to make Homemade Candy Corn! It’s the BEST ever!!

Did you see all the fun Halloween Cupcakes on Cupcake Tuesday this week? Here’s a another peek for you…

And a few more from Blogland…

I know these Copycat Hostess Cupcakes aren’t your typical Halloween Cupcake, but when I saw that Shaina had shared the recipe on Babble, I knew you would want to bake up a batch, quickly!

These Nightmare Before Christmas Cupcakes are just plain amazing! My oldest son is a HUGE, HUGE Nightmare fan, I just had to share these for him! Between the Pages shared them, and I first saw them via Cupcakes Take the Cake, thanks for sharing!

Wouldn’t this Trick-or-Treat Apron be cute for your Halloween bash? Or maybe grab one for your favorite chef or cupcake lover! {hint, hint}

Remember, if I featured you, drop me an email and I’ll send you the code for your button!

Disclaimer: I have not been paid to endorse or mention any of these cupcakes or products. I’m only mentioning them because I like them.

Update: If you are new here and need the Cupcake Chronicles Newsletter, we have now published 57 editions. Please find the newsletter information HERE.


  1. I have signed up for the cupcake chronicles newsletter and would like to make the candy corn cupcakes shown from the first newsletter. Would you please send me the recipe so I can make them this year? My birthday is near Halloween and I like to take Halloween treats to work on my birthday. These would be awesome! Thanks.

    1. Hi Barb, I forwarded you the newsletter. You should have also received an email with the password to all the newsletter on the Archive page.
      Thanks for subscribing!

  2. Are you keeping the recipe to candy corn cupcakes a secret? I subscribed to your newsletter & spent the last 1/2 hour going round n round trying to find that recipe 🙁 (a still very glad to receive your newsletter, but a bit misleading…) I finally discovered from the above replies that you will forward on request, but I very much doubt I will get a response in time to satisfy my immediate craving! 🙂 will have to settle for a lesser recipe for now – Pls still send for next time…

  3. Esther Torres says:

    hi i just wanted to say i LOVE your page! i also wanted to see if you can send me a link to the candy corn cupcakes recipe i cannot find it and i would love to make this for my 4 year olds Fall party at school this week. THANK YOU!

    1. Thanks Esther! I sent you the newsletter with the Candy Corn Cupcakes in it.

  4. Can I get the recipe for the candy corn cupcakes pls. I keep seeing them being mentioned but I am not able to find it any where. Thank you.

  5. nicole oden says:

    can i get the recipe for ” candy corn cupcakes”? not the ones on a stick the ones that look like candy corn. thanks, nicole

    1. Hi Nicole, The Candy Corn Cupcakes were in the Cupcake Chronicles Newsletter last year. I saw in the database that you are a subscriber.
      I will forward you the newsletter. Thanks!

      1. Hi, I am a new subscriber and I keep seeing the candy corn cupcakes also, can you also send me the recipe for them. I’m clicking away and am not getting anywhere. =)
        Thank you,

        1. Hi Sondra, I forwarded you the newsletter.
          Thanks for subscribing!
          Happy Baking!

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